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Vertex Fire Alarm Panel Procedure Restoring Fire Alarm Panel to Normal Operation from when Panel was in a Non-Test Mode (i.e. Filling a Sprinkler Line after Maintenance is completed or Fire Pump Test) and when Restoring Panel to Normal Operation from a Test Mode.

1. If not already informed, call the monitoring company, Rapid Response, to instruct them to ignore all alarms, trouble and supervisory signals; i.e. place the system on “Test”. Provide name, password, and estimated duration of the impairment. Telephone number and account number are located inside the FA panel. 2. Notify the GSOC. 3. Select all of the “Bypass” Buttons on the right side of the panel, including the Solvent Relays in Building 1. The Manual Door Release and All Page switches should not be selected. a. SEE Photo on the right b. Double check to ensure the “All Page” button is not selected.

Revision 2 

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