Bexley City Schools Job Descriptions

Bexley City School District

To provide educational experiences that engage, equip and empower each student.

Job Descriptions Table of Contents

Administrative  100 


102  103   104  105  106  107  108  109   110  111  112  113  114   115  116  117  202  203  204   206  207  209  210 

Chief Academic Officer / Assistant Superintendent 


Assistant High School Principal 


School District Physician 

Student Advisor of the Bexley Board of Education 

Executive Director of School Programs 

Business Manager 

Electronic Communications Coordinator 

Director of Student Services  Director of Special Education 

Technology Director 

Assistant Middle School Principal 

Administrative Intern 

Director of Staff and Student Operations 

District Gifted Coordinator 

Certified: General  201 


Speech‐Language Pathologist  School Health Clinic Nurse 

Testing Coordinator  School Counselor 

Coordinator of Experiential Learning and Community Partnerships   

Vocational Training Instructor 

Director of Student and Community Engagement 

Certified: Instructional Staff  301  Teacher  302 

Elementary Gifted Intervention Specialist 

303  304  305  306  307 

Secondary Reading Teacher  Librarian Media Specialist 

Teacher of Specific Learning Disabilities  Tutor of Specific Learning Disabilities 

Chapter 1 Tutor


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