wiredinUSA June 2015



There are some large numbers mentioned in this issue of wiredInUSA – not least 1,000 jobs, 730 miles and adding 3,000MW of capacity to the western US power grid. These are all part of the TransWest Express transmission project, whichwouldcreatean important link between renewable resources in the Rocky Mountains and the desert of the southwest. The final environmental impact statement has now been released into the possible social, ecological, cultural, aesthetic and economic impacts of the project. The full story can be read on page 9. Surveying is also due to begin near Alaska's coastline in an effort to improve communications to the local communities by laying a $700m fiber optic cable between Europe and Asia via the Arctic Ocean. You can read the full story on page 10. David Bell Editor

wiredInUSA - June 2015


wiredInUSA - June 2015


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