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I hope you enjoyed our first edition of Arrow’s // transmission magazine. The feedback we have had has been very positive and our customers definitely like to be kept informed and are interested in hearing about all of the latest telecommunications technology. As our industry continues to evolve at such a rapid pace, our product and marketing teams are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing, and how they can complement the products and services we provide. I am still to be convinced about Drone technology in telecoms! However there is an interesting article in this edition about how they are being used by entrepreneurs to make money. In the previous issue, we mentioned our most recent acquisition of Pulse Business Energy, based in London. In this edition we explain the rationale behind our expansion into the business energy market, and explore what it means for our customers, some of whom have already made the switch to our energy services. In this edition we also see the return of Nokia in the Smartphone market, keep you informed on the latest Samsung range of devices, and even give you the chance to win the latest Samsung S8 in a colour of your choice. We explore alternatives to ADSL and more cost effective business grade connectivity, and again provide a few customer success stories on solutions we have deployed. On behalf of the whole team at Arrow we hope you enjoy //transmission and as usual welcome your feedback.


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La Saint Union Case Study //16

Making Money with Drones //18

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