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POD – an online energy management system Revolutionise the way you manage your energy portfolio

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Using POD, customers can easily manage complex multi-meter sites. Viewing and analysing past and present usage as well as planning for the future. Supplier agnostic – Pulse is able to search the market and request pricing from a cross section of energy suppliers.

Bill validation – POD compares bill information provided by suppliers against actual usage. Ensuring that customers are not over paying while preventing bill shock

Built by Pulse, the POD energy software is the only software that combines functions across all departments to perform bill validation, document libraries for bills, contracts, rates, energy usage reporting and energy budgeting tools in one secure online location. What’s more is that it is available at no cost to customers with unlimited users. POD has been fundamental in differentiating Pulse from their competitors and has featured at the forefront of their sales process, providing Pulse with a significant technical advantage over other energy brokers.

Legal and compliance

Consultative approach

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Arrow acquired Pulse Business Energy in March and this eighth acquisition in the last seven years makes Arrow one of very few companies in the UK able to provide a full energy, telecoms and IT consultancy and service proposition.

Energy Plans to Suit all Businesses

Why companies choose Pulse to manage their energy In a recent survey customers stated that they were actively benefiting from:

We identified the energy market as a strategic opportunity a while ago but wanted to partner with a company whose ethos and values were similar to Arrow’s. Pulse provides a unique level of service and consultancy and this is reflected in their loyal customer base”, says Chris Russell, CEO of Arrow. Pulse is an energy broker and consultancy business that has also developed its own portal that enables larger multi-site customers to effectively manage their energy needs.

Pulse manages 4,500 meters across their 200 clients and since the de-regulation of the water mar- ket in April, it can now offer water supply contracts.

Pulse Fixed Energy Tariffs can be converted to Fixed+ contracts. Fixed+ contracts still offer fixed gas and electricity prices, but if the energy market price drops we can renegotiate a lower priced energy contract on your behalf. For businesses with lower energy requirements, Basket Energy plans provide the opportunity to

Pulse offers three types of plan – Fixed Price, Fixed + and Basket Energy

group buy energy with similar Pulse clients. This is a managed service delivered by the Pulse Business Energy team, who trade the total basket requirement on the wholesale market on a flexible basis – which drives down energy costs for all clients.

Fixed Price Energy Plans protect your business from unexpected energy price

Bill validation services

Centralised access to multiple sources of data

“We are excited by the opportunities that working with Arrow will bring. Both companies seek to differentiate themselves by providing sound advice and quality products and a service that customers can rely on”.

increases, and guarantees you a low fixed rate for the full term of the energy supply contract.

Live energy monitoring

The simplicity of the POD user interface Pulse’s knowledge and ability to explain the complexities of the energy market

Are you being billed correctly?

Ben Dhesi, MD of Pulse

Since January this year, our internal billing analysts have successfully recovered


of overbilling on behalf of our customers.

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