Rich Goud is - New Founder's C ircle Recognit ion

1 st Alan Lorenz

2 nd Carol Lorenz

Originally she is fromCanada with Ukrainian parents. She moved to London in the 70s and became a model. She had leg injury and 1 st break. She found Herbalife and would never change it. “Fortunate of your no magic formula for success”. Never give up on your dreams just because it feels too long - if you truly believe it you will achieve it . “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

3 t h Stephan Gratziani

HNF Global Humanitarian of the Year Joined Herbalife 27 years ago in Paris “It feels like what your heart is telling you to do.”

Tomi Meleh and Dea Slunjski back on stage …

Stand up recognition for Vacation Party Qualifiers Promo video of 2019 vacation shown (Vacation taking place 7 th – 12 th June 2019) Closing the day by congratulating the Party taking place later the evening

End of Day 2

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