2017-2019 GCSE Options Booklet 4 Option Pathway

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Combined Science – AQA Trilogy

Overview Science has something to offer everyone, and that everyone needs some level of relevant scientific understanding. This course promotes a wide range of topics and skills which you will be able to use throughout your life to make important scientific/medical decisions and can also prepare you for further science studies. Over the two years the course is delivered by three different teachers teaching you the three different sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There will be 6 exams at the end of year 11 and the course will be worth 2 GCSE’s.

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Trips The Science Department is known for our many academic extra-curricular opportunities, such as hosting lectures, workshops and taking our students to other schools and institutions to gain first-hand experience of aspects of science of interest to the students . Pathways Further Education : A Level Chemistry, Biology, Psychology or Physics University: Medicine, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Forensic Science, Sport Science, Psychology Careers: Scientist, Doctor, Teacher, Researcher, Pharmacy, Dentistry or even an Astronaut


Year 10

Year 11



Cell Biology Organisation

Homeostasis and response Inheritance, variation and evolution

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Infection and response





Atomic structure and the periodic table Bonding, structure, and the

The rate and extent of chemical change

Organic chemistry Chemical analysis

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properties of matter Quantitative chemistry

Chemistry of the atmosphere

Chemical changes Energy changes

Using resources



Forces Waves


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Magnetism and electromagnetism

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Particle model of matter

Atomic structure

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