2017-2019 GCSE Options Booklet 4 Option Pathway

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Overview In an increasingly competitive world, speech and communication skills are becoming more important. Through studying Drama students gain a greater sense of self-confidence and a greater capacity to express their opinions and beliefs to others. Whether students wish to become professional actors or simply wish to develop their speech and communication skills, the GCSE course in Drama will be both stimulating and of great value in the world beyond education. This course will appeal to those who are interested in both performing and the technical side of theatre. It promotes students’ involvement in and enjoyment of drama as performers, devisers, directors and designers and provides opportunities for students to watch live theatre.

Trips One Theatre trip in Year 10 followed by another in Year 11.

Pathways Further Education: A level Drama & Theatre Studies, Drama School, Performing Arts BTEC University : Drama, Drama and Theatre, Drama and Film, Drama and Performance, Physical Theatre Career: Actor, designer, director, teacher, media, public sector


Year 10

Year 11

Introduction to Devising Introduction to Practitioner

Component One – Devised Practical Performance (40%)  Students devise a practical

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Introduction to Genre

Technical support from Performing Arts Technician Celebrity & monologue T.I.E Fairytales project shown to the local Primary Schools Leadership opportunities – Enrichment Days Introduction to Unit 2 play genre and playwright.

performance based on a theme and linked with a practitioner or genre.

Groups between 2 & 5 Acting or design skill

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Internally assessed and externally moderated.

 Portfolio of supporting notes: creation and development of ideas during the rehearsal process. (750-900 words)  Written evaluation of their final performance in controlled conditions. Component 2: Performance from a Text (20%)  Students will perform an extract from a published play.  Assessed by a visiting examiner.  Groups between 2 & 5  Acting or design skill Component 3: Written Examination (40%) 1 hour 30 minutes  Students will be assessed on their ability to analyse one set text as an actor, designer and director.

Introduction to Unit 3 – practical exploration

They will also need to write an evaluation of a live production.

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