2017-2019 GCSE Options Booklet 4 Option Pathway

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Overview Music is a course in which students will be expected to perform on an instrument (including voice), compose music and appraise music orally. Students will study a timeline of music and significant composers to extend their appreciation of music in a wider context, as well as studying aspects of Performance and Composition Techniques.

There are frequent opportunities for extra and cross-curricular activities throughout the year, for example our School Production and Spring Concert.

Costs CGP Area of Study Revision Guide: 2016 NEW SPECIFICATION - £5.95

Trips Set Works performances, Royal Festival Hall, January/February. Price: TBC

Pathways Further Education: A Level Music, Performing Arts BTEC University: BMus (Bachelors of Music), BA (Bachelors of Art) Careers: opportunities in Film, TV, Radio, Events Management, Teaching, Performing, Composing, Publishing, Arts Council and more






Component 1: Performing: Performance and an Ensemble performance weighted at 15% each, 30% total

Component 2: Composition: 30% total value of GCSE Two compositions:-  One Free Composition (free choice of style and instrumentation) One composition from a Set Brief Both worth 15% each 30% total 

Component 3: Listening and Appraising (takes place at the end of the course):  Set Works (pieces of music) from varying styles are studied through the course  Includes score analysis and writing about music – the theory side of things

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