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AUGUST 2014 Newsletter

NOVEMBER | 2014 Newsletter

Archbright™ Now Offers Payroll, Introducing Archbright™ Pay

What’s Inside

You may be asking yourself how does Archbright Pay compare with other payroll companies? What would be different for me if I changed to Archbright Pay? These are great questions. Archbright Pay is unlike other providers because we are a service organization focused on removing payroll processing burden from you. How do we do this? • We have one phone number for all payroll support and assistance. • You can send us an Excel spreadsheet and we will process payroll for you. You don’t have to log into payroll software ever again (unless you want to). • You can receive your reports via a password protected e-mail anywhere you have internet access, even from a beach somewhere warm and sunny! We are different because we design our processes around your needs. For example: • We finalize your payroll if you are on vacation with our integrated Attendance on Demand Solution. • For our WCS members, we can save you time and effort by pulling Stay-At- Work information from the system for you. • For our Unemployment Processing members, we can access pay information to complete responses quickly and easily. For some members, the solution we offer might be as simple as providing you with one phone number for all payroll support and assistance. For others, it may mean sending us your pay information via an Excel spreadsheet and never logging into a payroll software program again. Many others will fall somewhere in between these two examples. If you would like to know more about how Archbright™ Pay can help speed up and simplify your payroll processing, call us at 206.329.1120.

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