2021-2022 Benefits Guide


Discount Membership Program

The EAA is committed to helping you achieve your optimal health and wellbeing. The following wellness programs are available to assist you on your path towards an active and healthy lifestyle. Employees can choose to enroll in only one discount gym membership.

YMCA Membership

The EAA has partnered with the YMCA to offer a discounted membership to local/citywide YMCA locations. Membership benefits include: full access to a wide variety of group exercise classes, wellness orientation with a

wellness coach, on-site child care while you work out, reduced rates and priority registration for youth programs, access to family programs and special events, and an Away Program that allows you access to YMCA locations across the country while you travel.


City Wide Adult

City Wide Family I

City Wide Family II


EAA Rate




YMCA Match

($20) ($20)

($20) ($20)

($20) ($20)

EAA Pay via 3rd Party Billing EAA Employee Portion paid auto-draft through YMCA




The YMCA and EAA will contribute monthly towards this membership and the employee will pay the remaining price. The table above indicates your cost per month. Family I membership includes either 2 adults OR 1 adult and children. Family II membership includes 2 adults and children. Additional adults cost $10 per month per adult.

Gold’s Gym Membership

In addition to the YMCA, the EAA has also partnered with Gold’ s Gym to offer a discounted membership to local/citywide Gold’s Gym locations. The EAA will contribute monthly towards this membership and the employees’ portion will be through payroll deduction. Only employee enrollments are allowed. At this time, family and spouse enrollments are not allowed.


Category EAA Rate

Level 1 $24.99

Level 3 $44.99

EAA Contribution EAA employee portion paid through payroll deduction





Level 1 membership gives you access to all Gold’s Gym locations except for Rogers Ranch, Medical Center, or Alamo Heights. This membership includes GGX classes (group classes). Level 3 membership gives you access to all Gold’s Gym locations including Rogers Ranch, Medical Center and Alamo Heights. This membership also includes GGX classes (group classes). To enroll in Gold’s Gym, please ask the HR Administrator for an enrollment form. You will be provided with a temporary pass that you can use on the same day that you turn in your enrollment form.

EAA Fitness Room

The EAA has an on-site fitness room for employees to use at their convenience. The facility is equipped with an elliptical, stair stepper, and bow flex. In addition, a blood pressure monitor and standing bike/desk is also available for use during lunch period or before and after work hours.


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