Fitness & Spa Newsletter October 2014

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For this 2014-2015 season we have put together a well rounded fitness and spa program. There is something for everyone from 0-99. Weather it’s group class activity, in the water or out. Individual personal training or physical therapy. Even for our little ones we have again put together an exiting holiday program. Find here also a few tips today on how to spa: Do be open to the new experience; you will need to naturally relax in order to benefit from the deeper stages of relaxation! Do arrive early to take advantage of the spa facilities and begin your spa experience in a relaxed state. Don't be afraid to speak about adjustments; these can include lower lights, a lighter touch, stronger pressure, or the room temperature. Do take home the recommendations about the product that was used in your service so you can have the opportunity to take a piece of the experience home with you.

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Fitness & Spa Newsletter

October 2014

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