Visitor's Guide 2015

10 Best Urban Cross-Country Skiing in the USA It’s not unusual to see Portlanders skiing down the middle of their city streets; when the snow falls, local residents enjoy the season the best way they know how. And when they can’t take advantage of traffic-free streets, Mainers ski the abundant open parks, off-road trails, frozen lakes and ponds, and out-of-season golf courses to keep active. – USA Today , Dec, 2014 Top 10 Easiest Cities to Find a Job Portland is the city of opportunities, a port city of high-tech firms, national marketing agencies, professional affiliations, culinary delights, and nationally acclaimed boutiques, as well as a thriving tourism climate. Easily accessible with the ability for residents to commute by bus, train, ferry, or even walk to work, who wouldn’t want to be a part of this bustling community? –Zip Recruiter , 2015 10 Prettiest Cobblestone Streets Across America Portland’s Old Port section of town is known for its authen- tic cobblestone streets that predate many of its 19th cen- tury historical red-brick buildings. Inviting restaurants and upscale boutiques line these picturesque walkways where, in summer, tables fill with diners enjoying the Old World charm of irregular cobbles and Victorian lamps. These rus- tic pathways transport you back in time as you explore the Portland of today. –USA Today, Oct, 2014

14 Best Startup Cities in America Mainers may be accustomed to their traditional ways, but high-tech innovation has taken off in Portland. With resources that support startups and entrepreneurs—such as the Casco Bay Tech Hub, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development, and Startup Portland—Maine’s largest city is fertile soil in which to develop and grow a business. There is no better place for an entrepreneur to engage in a new startup then right here in the inspiring surroundings of Portland. –Popular Mechanics , Feb, 2015 13 Greatest Destination Food Towns in America Dining in Portland you will experience traditional entrées that speak to the culture of Maine but also cuisine aimed at a more adventurous palate. Wake up to the smell of coffee brewing on the corner of every block, grab lunch fresh from the sea at a local lobster shack, and splurge on a three- course dinner at a creative contemporary restaurant over- looking the water. Wind down with a tasting of beers from local breweries, or treat yourself to ice cream or gelato at one of the parlors offering unique Maine flavors like lobster claw, maple walnut, or blueberry sorbet. If you want to experience a variety of delicious local cuisine made with only the freshest of ingredients, Portland is the place to be. –The Huffington Post , Nov, 2014 Photos, clockwise from top left: Bethany & Dan Photography, Kim Seng, Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld; Corey Templeton, Focus Photography, Corey Templeton


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