Best sellers Heutink International 2017


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GARAGE WOOD BIG E523005 Wooden garage complete with parking place, gas station, parking lift, and repair shop on the ground floor.

HORSE HARNESS E522091 Leather horse harness. Stimulate imagination and motor skills when playing outside.

VEHICLE PUZZLE BOX E522350 Wooden box with 10 vehicle puzzles.

FIND AND COUNT UP TO 10 E522884 Find and count the items on the theme boards and place the corresponding number of beads on the holder.

MOTOR SKILLS BOARD FLOWERS E522963 Use the magnetic pen and train motor skills, colour recognition and the ability to concentrate.

HAMMER TIC GEO E522355 Create mosaic designs with

DOLL BUGGY WOOD E522459 Wooden buggy with candy-striped linen, solid plastic wheels and extra large rubber tyres.

SCALES E522185 Balance weights or compare the weight of various objects. Also available: E522832 WEIGHTS PLASTIC

geometric shapes in various colours. Improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

COUNTING STREET E522882 Deliver letters and learn to count to 10. Find the missing number in a sequence and learn about addition and subtraction and number correspondence.

DOT DICE LARGE RED AND BLUE 3011501 + 3011502 Large soft dies with dots 1-6 made from soft plastic, safe to handle and roll quietly. It helps children to inculcate number symbols up to 6.



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