It would be any band’s dream to play to the mass of sixty thousand plus people that converge on Austin City Limits each year. The festivities go down in just a matter of weeks – October 12-14. Getting booked to play this festival is like reaching the peak of a crag after a grueling hike – it takes a severalcarefulstepstogetthere. Since the festival’s birth in 2002, Austin City Limits has seen itself grow from a two day, thirty- band event to an iconic showcase for stadium size acts like Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, The Eagles, and this year’s headliners Red Hot Chili Peppers. The festival’s senior promoters have to spend less time convincing bands and representatives that the festival is worth playing and more time sifting through the thousands of submissions they get for the130opentimeslots. That brings up another point that couldn’t be emphasized enough– play, play, play asmuch as you possibly can. Find your support base then leverage theopportunitytolinkupwithamiddle-lineupACL How to Get Booked at Austin City Limits Advice for Getting Your BandNoticed by Tara Lacey photo by Paige Cavazos

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band and tour. Festival promoter Amy Corbin with C3 Presents states that she spends as much time, if notmore, booking themiddle of the bill. She has the challengeofpleasingafanbasethatpurchasestheir tickets blindly so she has developed a knack for pin- ning the next big name just ahead of the curve. An in with another up-and-comer is a great way to get yourfootinthedoor. ACLLive lends the AustinCity Limits its nam- ing rights - a big reason the festival sawsuch a swift rise to fame. The festival promoters have always been careful to book acts within the long running television show’s eclectic feel. ACLLive features an opencallforartists.


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Art Outside Offers EDM Opps in Austin Unique Fest Highlights City’s Arts Culture

by Tara Lacey


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In recent years, electronic dance music (EDM) has seen a resurgence that has managed to perme- ate pop culture. In amusical playground born from underground roots, the scene still lends itself to opportunities for DIY/indie artists to showcase their skills. One Austin-area festival celebrates art ofallkinds–musicisnoexception. Art Outside is a festival currently in its eighth year,creatingasmall,intimate,uniqueatmosphere. The overall experience is the priority for Warren McKinney, the festival’s founder, so the stage that the Art Outside team creates for all of its artists is one of whimsy, wonder, and exploration – and that auracarriesovertothemusic. One of the best things about a festival that cel- ebrates art in all its forms is that they are open to

hearing yours and if they accept your application to play the stage, your performance will be a once in a lifetime experience. The lights, mood, stages - the whole package will set the mood for your audience. The community will welcome you and embrace your art form, just as they hope for you to embrace theirs. If you’re an aspiring electronic artist then opportunity exists within this Austin gem. Check out their website - they accept performer applica- tions openly. Approach Art Outside with an open mind and a passion for your work, and see where it takesyou.


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