May E-Newsletter


Thousands of delegates across North America will be gathering in Detroit to discuss new and innovative ways to increase the power of unions and workers across Canada and the United States. SEIU International’s President Mary Kay Henry came to Canada on Thursday, April 28 for a visit to discuss the upcoming agenda for the convention. The goal of the convention is to improve the lives of working people. This can be accomplished through three strategies: creating the next level of worker power, building a bigger and wider labour movement and designing stronger collective agreements. Another topic that was discussed was racial injustice. Racism is a concerning social problem both in the United States and Canada. SEIU’s convention in Detroit will provide a forum to discuss how we as a labour movement, can reduce and eliminate racism from the workplace and from our lives. Mary Kay Henry and Sharleen Stewart also met with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to discuss a number of topics, including the recent appointment of Michael Coteau as head of the Anti-Racism Directorate and how this new government body will deal with racism in Ontario. PREPPING FOR SEIU INTERNATIONAL’S CONVENTION IN DETROIT

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