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Wha t you wi l l l ea r n i n t h i s modu l e :

Wha t s e l l i ng i s a l l abou t ?

 Unde r s t and t he env i r onmen t t ha t y ou s e l l i n .  How t o l ook f o r s a l e s oppo r t un i t i e s ?  How t o p r e s e n t t he p r oduc t s t o t he pa s s e nge r s ?  Wha t a r e t he s t ep s i n t he s a l e s p r oc e s s ?  How t o hand l e d i f f i c u l t s i t ua t i on s ?


In this module we are going to explore all

these elements and look at ways in which



we can use the information and skills to

Selling and buying has been around for as

increase our In-flight sales.

long as mankind exists. Products or services

"Everyone lives by selling something." R R O O B B E E R R T T L L O O U U I I S S STEVENSON

were offered to meet a need identified.

The module will be broken up into 9 sub-

Selling has gone from travelling sales

modules for ease of dealing with the

people to know on doors to influencing

content. The sub-modules are:

people to where we are today.

6.1. The Context – the environment that

we sell in.

Today it is all about emotional intelligence,

understanding and respecting your

6.2. The Passengers – what we need to

customers/passengers and building a

know about them.

relationship with them. We are all tired of

the different gimmicks and tricks that

6.3. Ourselves – what we must know and

companies use to get us to buy their

be able to do.


6.4. The Sales Steps – An overview.

Ultimately we will buy something if we have

a need for it, if we have rapport with the

6.5. Sales Awareness – looking for sales

person selling it, if we feel that the person


has our best interest at heart and if the

product meets our needs.


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