UT5AS Ultimate Surface Mount Timer Kit

Surface Mount Ultimate Timer

Ramsey Electronics Model


 We have packed the UT5AS with tons of features that you won’t find in any other 555 timer kit on the market. You can configure it on the fly with easy to use jumper settings and drive relays, plus directly interface all timer functions with onboard controls or external signals! All connections are easily made through terminal blocks. Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Publication Surface Mount Technology Components  Timer Operates on 5 to 15 Volts DC @ 20mA  Onboard 200mA output drivers  Output drivers run on timer power or external 3 to 24 volts DC  Separate Pulse Width and Rest Time controls  Onboard Start and Reset switches  Onboard Control Voltage Potentiometer  External Start, Reset, and Control Voltage functions accessible through terminal blocks.  Onboard input pull-up resistor and differentiator selectable through jumper blocks.  Inductive Kick protected Non-inverted and Inverted outputs

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