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Basic beliefs

Progress and development happen when we allow and challenge ourselves to think outside our everyday routines. Coercion and habits are creativity's worst enemies. Under the right circumstances, innovation can sprout when you have openness, trust and a desire to question old truths. But it's never enough to just have a perception what will work. We need to research, test, fail, test again and prove. At SWEP, we truly embrace entrepreneurial and innovative thinking. As always, it comes with a lot of responsibility but that's the prerequisite to find new ways that live up to our vision; to significantly lower energy usage in heat transfer. This way of thinking has led to another fantastic innovation that we ® presented to the market earlier this year; Hypertwain . It is literally two heat exchangers in one and will for sure push the heat pump and air- conditioning industry in a more sustainable direction. Some of the people who has made this possible are our colleagues in SWEP's R&D department. In this issue, they tell how their work impacts the future of SWEP. A way of working well grounded in our Basic Beliefs. And the drive and thrive to challenge the status quo is not only contained in the R&D department and what we develop and produce. It's also a cornerstone in how we operate. On page 7, you can read about our manufacturing automation process, born and continuously developed by our engaged and dedicated people. Creativity and innovation are crucial if we want be able to meet the global demand of sustainable energy usage necessary to fight climate change and shortage of raw materials and energy sources. Hopefully, more and more governments, as well as industries, will prioritize the driving forces to meet those needs.

Lisa Skarp Market Communication Manager

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