The PHA Buzz June 2012

Muamba appoints PHA Media

WHEN Fabrice Muamba col- lapsed on the pitch and ‘died’ for 78 minutes in front of millions of TV viewers, his battle for survival became a part of footballing his- tory. The Bolton Wanderers midfielder had suf- fered a heart-attack, was somehow saved by medics and then spent 40 days in hospital, unaware that dozens of media organisations from around the world wanted his interview. Faced with his incredible media deluge, it was PHA Media who Fabrice drafted in to manage this and provide the key advice and considered support he would need as the sporting world’s biggest story. Fabrice, 24, met Phil Hall and Neil McLeod while still in his hospital bed and in the fol- lowing days, work was quickly done to suc- cessfully manage his discharge without a resulting media circus. Following this, the decision was made that Fabrice would tell his miraculous story. With every major newspaper banging on the

door and our phones red hot, an agreement was finally reached with The Sun. Fabrice’s interviews resulted in five days of coverage – including FOUR front page stories . Every word and picture was checked and managed by PHA. Following the Sun articles, PHA arranged for a superb, more in-depth interview with The Times and also accompanied Fabrice to the Football Writers’ Association dinner, where 1,000-odd diners warmly applauded as the surprise guest embraced Robin Van Persie. Soon a tearful Fabrice once again captured the nation’s hearts when he make the emo- tional journey back to Bolton Wanderers, which came on the same day he spoke to ITV’s Adrian Chiles for his first TV inter- view, aired during the FA Cup Final cover- age. He had PHA Media by his side on both occasions. With the emphasis on careful selection, more media coverage and charity work is in the pipeline. And interest still refuses to wane as news outlets remain focused on Fabrice’s next move – with the big question being whether he will play again or not.

PHA Media climb 21 places PHA Media are continuing our steady ascent up PR Week’s list of the Top 150 agencies, climbing a massive 21 places to number 63, compared to 84 last year. PHA also came in at number 20 in the Top 50 Consumer Consultancies, a fantastic achievement for an agency which is only eight years old. Managing Director, Mark Gregory com- ments: “Our continued strong growth re- flects a combination of enviable client reten- tion and continued success in new business pitches. Underpinning all we do is our de- termination to supply both value for money and an excellent service for all our clients.”

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