CDLH 2017 Spring Gala Journal

B r o n z e

Welcome to Tonight's Celebration of the 37 th Anniversary Spring Gala

Mr. Octavio Cardona FOUNDER C hardonas K ey L ock S ervice , I nc .

Ms. Lia Di Angelo EXECUTIVE FLORAL DESIGNER W estbury F loral D esigns

Mr. Luis Figueroa DEPUTY MAYOR V illage of H empstead

Mr. Mateo Flores DIRECTOR OF HEMPSTEAD N assau C ounty EOC

Ms. Vilma E. Matos, LCSW PRESIDENT L atino I mmigrant C onsultant

V ictor F. P oliti , MD, FACP, FACEP PRESIDENT/CEO N uhealth S ystem , NUMC

Growing Stronger Together



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