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JOHN REED CLUB The John Reed Club of New York is at present organizing a Writer's School, with classes to ;tart February 19th. The following workshop courses will be given for a period of three months by four noted writers, with the assistance of guest lecturers. Marxism and Literature Joshua Kunitz. Burke The office is open for registra– tion every afternoon from 3 to 5 o'clock and every evening from 7 to 8:30. There have been many requests from writers, students and intellect– uals for courses such as these. For further information apply to the John Reed Club Writers School, second floor, 430 6th Ave., N.Y. C. The New York John Reed Club School of Art covers practically every phase of art instruction: sculpture, fresco, life class, child– ren's cl ass, and political cartooning. In the two years of its existence the school has commanded wide– spread interest. Art students have come to feel that techn ical train– ing must serve only as a preparat ion for expressing ideas of social value. The instructors are such well known artists as Louis Lozowick, Reginald Marsh, Raphael Soyer, H. Glinten– kamp, Nikolai Cikovsky, and Rob– ert Minor. In addition to the excellent techni– cal training, a series of illustrated lectures is being given by Louis Lozowick on "A Marxian History Poetry-Horace Gregory. Fiction-Edward Dahlberg. English Prose - Kenneth

of Art." These lectures are given every other Wednesday. For further information apply to Martha Pearse, Secretary, John Reed Club School of Art, 430 6th Ave., New York City. During the course of the year the John Reed Club of New York will issue a series of literary pamph· lets. "Towards a Proletarian Lit· erature" by Obed Brooks and Gran· ville Hicks, and "Fascism and Cui· ture" by John Stracl1ey are sched· uled for early publication. The Writers Group is holding a series of Sunday night lectures and symposiums at the club headquarters 430 Sixth Avenue, New York City, on literary and general cultural problems in their relation to the revolutionary movement. Albert Maltz, Clifton Fadiman, V. J. J er· orne, Stephen Graves, James Burn· ham, Joseph Freeman and a number of other prominent speakers are ~cheduled to address coming meet· mgs. The Fourth Anniversary Celebra· tion of the founding of the John Reed Club of New York-the f1rst of the John Reed Clubs in America - will be held on March 25, 1934. This affair will c-limax four years of revolutionary activity in the sphere of literature an dart. Lead· ing writers and artists have been invited to participate. • John Reed Clubs throughout the country are urged to send notes on their activities to the Editors of PARTISAN REVIEW for publication in future issues.


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