January 2019

Trouble settling back into your daily desk routine?



LATS&SHOULDERSTRETCH Place feet shoulder width apart behind a chair. At an arm’s length, rest your hands on the top of the chair. Slide your arms further away fromyouasyouslowlyshiftyourhips back. 3x,hold for20 seconds ABDUCTORANDGLUTESTRETCH Keep your back straight and abs tight, place your foot on the opposite knee. Bend forward and lightlypushyourkneetotheground keepingyourbackstraight. 1-2xper leg,holdfor20-30seconds

TRAPSTRETCH With arms at your side, take turns dropping each of your ears to your shoulders. Try smiling while you do it; it will make iteasier. 2xper side,hold for30 seconds

NECKSTRETCH Gently bring your chin over your shoulder (as if you were looking behind you). 2xper side,hold for20 seconds

QUADSTRETCH With your hand, bring your heel to yourglutealmuscle.Gentlypull.Usea deskorchair forbalance. 2xper leg,holdfor30seconds

WRISTEXTENSIONSTRETCH Holdarmsout in frontofyou.With help from your non stretched hand,exyourwristdown towards the oor, and hold stretch. Then, with help from your non stretched hand,extendwristup towards the ceiling,andhold stretch. 3xperhand,hold for30 seconds

HAMSTRINGSTRETCH Withone leg straight, lean forward to reach the front foot,keepingthebackstraight. 1-2xper leg,holdfor20-30seconds

THORACICROTATIONSTRETCH Interlockyourngers in frontofyouwithyourarms bent and your elbows raised in the air at chest height.Leadwith yourelbowand rotate your torso to one side, trying to bring your elbow as far behind youaspossible. 2xperside,holdfor20seconds

• IncreasesMuscleBalanceandPosture• ImprovesMuscleCoordination BENEFITSOFDESKSTRETCHES:

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Investing in your health with simple daily stretches can increase your range of motion, decrease chances of injury, and improve your health and overall productivity.

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