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Staffing firms are organizations which match employers to employees. They can be a wonderful source of employment for students. Whether you are looking for a part-time job while you are a student or looking for an experience that directly relates to your career goals, a staffing firm (also called a temporary agency) can help.

Why Work with a Staffing Firm?  A staffing firm could offer greater flexibility than a traditional employer woul d in terms of hours and tasks.  Temporary work allows a student to gain exposure to a variety of different work environments and industries.  Many employers are opting to hire temporary employees on a permanent basis, rather than fill the position with full time employees. Many of these employers are exclusively using firms to fill positions.  Many organizations utilize the temporary position as a “stepping stone” position which may lead to other opportunities within the organization.

Looking for Employment in a Staffing Firm A staffing firm is paid when an employee is placed with a company. Therefore, you can apply with them as part of your job search and evaluate the opportunities as they come. You should not have to pay to participate in a staffing firm. Since staffing agencies are “hired” by organizations, it is a highly questionable practice to require an employee to pay any kind of fee for employment. You contact a staffing firm and “apply” with them just like other employers. Once you are invited in to meet with them – treat it like an interview. Staffing firms may ask you to take various tests to assess your skills and abilities to perform certain tasks. Your performance on these tests, along with your application materials will inform their decision on what types of positions they will contact you about. Do your best!

Identify your needs and considerations in the following areas:  Hours available to work during weekdays, nights, and weekends  Transportation available to you/Distance from work sites  Wages/Benefits/Insurance  Dress code  Level of variety in everyday work tasks (one task vs. three at once)  Level of variety in work sites (different site each day, every week, or every month) It is important to “do your homework” before entering into an employment agreement with a staffing firm. Do not sign any document contract until you have read the entire document and understand the agreements.


Don’t hesitate to contact a career team member at CSC with questions regarding a staffing firm. We want you to feel comfortable in your job search and only take opportunities that will propel your career. If you have questions regarding placement – ask the staffing firm to clarify it with you.

Check out the list on the back regarding staffing firms in the Triad.

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