Dayton Nursery 2017 Plant Catalog

Growing greener year by year for US, for YOU and for THEM


To enhance your shopping experience at Dayton’s, we worked endlessly all winter on various projects. More customer friendly signage has been added to direct customers to different areas of the nursery such as the perennial greenhouse, tree and shrubstock areas and loading zones. The new signage should help to eliminate confusion as to the locations of various products on display. Another exciting new feature is the addition of a new kiosk called the Perfect Plant. The kiosk is easy for anyone to use to look up detailed information on plants, bugs and weeds most common for our NE Ohio gardens. And, with just a click of a button, you can email yourself the info shown on the screen for later reference. Finally, spring 2017 is the rollout of our new full- color catalog that is a complete listing of green goods offered by the nursery accompanied by detailed descriptions, care information and beautiful color photographs. The catalog is our own in house creation that took 3 whole months to complete! Come and check out all that we have to offer this spring. Happy planting!

In our continuing quest to employ more environmentally friendly practices, we are pleased to announce the installation of solar panels on the main store building. The solar panels will generate enough electricity to offset that used from the utility company which is produced mostly from dirty fossil fuels, namely coal. By the year 2020, all electric meters at the nursery are scheduled to be offset by solar power. Another exciting change at the nursery is happening in our greenhouses where insect control measures have really changed. Some chemicals for insect control have been eliminated entirely and others reduced as beneficial insects and other organisms, such as nematodes and predatory mites, take over the job of chemicals in keeping harmful pests under control. These beneficial insects are so small that they are only visible in most cases with a 10x or greater hand lens. Along with collecting rain water, recycling irrigation water and installing more sets of solar panels, Dayton Nurseries aims to prove that sound environmental ways of conducting business, with an emphasis on conservation, can be beneficial for the environment, for us, for you, and for future generations.

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