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FALL 2015

Dr. Diane Provencher – Honored with the GOC Presidential Medal

Words from the President

Dr. Paul Hoskins presented Dr. Diane Provencher with the GOC Presidential Medal at a ceremony held in Québec City at our 36 th AGM Social Event. In presenting the award to Dr. Provencher, Dr. Hoskins shared the many accomplishments and

meritorious contributions to gynecologic oncology. These contributions can be in any or all of the following areas: public service, leadership, academia and research. Selecting Diane was easy as she ticks all of these boxes and more. Combine this with her modesty, affability and collegiality and you have a true star.

Using our Strength to Fight Gynecologic Cancers As an organisation GOC has been around for 35 years plus. In the early days it was primarily a social organisation with some educational activities. That changed with time, with the introduction of more educational and academic endeavours. More recently, with the addition of the Communities of Practice (CoP) forum, we have been trying to alter management practices on a pan-Canadian basis. The driving purpose: to ensure all patients in all provinces have equivalent access to the best possible treatment and management strategies for gynecologic cancers. Examples of our success are: 1) GOC helped to develop HPV vaccination programs across Canada and continues to be active in this field, providing current HPV information and practice guidelines through its FAQ resource (see page 15). 2) GOC has been front and centre in the recognition by government agencies, e.g. Health Canada and PC0DR, that bevacizumab

achievements of Dr. Provencher’s career. The following is a transcript of that presentation:

Beforedescribingafewofherachievements in greater detail, I must thank and acknowledge some important guests – her seven children, her uncle and aunt, and her long-term mentor and friend, Dr. Pierre Drouin,

“It is my great pleasure to present Dr. Diane Provencher with the GOC’s Presidential Medal. It is our 12 th year of doing this and Diane is our 15 th recipient. Why does GOC do this? It is to recognize and reward those of our colleagues who have made especially

who have all made the trip to be present on this momentous night. In addition, special thanks




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