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DC to 30 GHz!





Standing waves out-of-band

StopSignal Reflections Dead in Their Tracks! $ 6 95 1 ea.(qty.1000)

✓ High pass, low pass and band pass models ✓ Patented design eliminates in-band spurs ✓ Absorbs stopband signal power rather than reflecting it ✓ Good impedance match in passband stopband and transition ✓ Intrinsically Cascadable 3 ✓ Passbands fromDC– to 30 GHz 4

Mini-Circuits is proud to bring the industry a revolutionary breakthrough in the longstanding problem of signal reflections when embedding filters in RF systems. Whereas conventional filters are fully reflective in the stopband, our new X-series reflectionless filters are matched to 50 Ω in the passband, stopband and transition band, eliminating intermods, ripples and other problems caused by reflections in the signal chain. They’re perfect for pairing with non-linear devices such as mixers and multipliers, significantly reducing unwanted signals generated due to non-linearity and increasing system dynamic range by eliminating matching attenuators 2 . They’ll change the way you think about using filters in your design! Jump on the bandwagon, and place your order online today for delivery as soon as tomorrow. Need a custom design? Call us to talk to our engineers about a reflectionless filter for your system requirements.

Protected by U.S. Patent No. 8,392,495 and Chinese Patent No. ZL201080014266.l. Patent applications 14/724976 (U.S.) and PCT/USlS/33118 (PCT) pending.

Available in Tiny QFN Packages and Die Form!

1 Small quantity samples available, $9.95 ea. (qty. 20) 2 See application note AN-75-007 on our website 3 See application note AN-75-008 on our website 4 Defined to 3 dB cutoff point


3 x3mm

Bare Die Form

Mini-Circuits ® P.O. Box 350166, Brooklyn, NY 11235-0003 (718) 934-4500

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