1967 Cocktails and Mixed Drinks by Charles A Tuck


Here the recipes and methods for prepar ing hundreds of cocktails and a wide range ofother unusualcombinationsarecollected in one volume, making this a unique book in the art of mixing drinks. Along with a large number of established favourites,you willfind reciposforfascinat- ing mixtures which the author has gathered during his years of tending the bar in famous hotels in England and abroad. He includes the recipe which won the 1967 U.K. Bartenders' Guild Cocktail Competi tion as well as many of his own invention. You will also be able to offer your guests cobblers,flips, highballs,smashes,pousse cafes, toddies or one of the delicious punches that can be served hot or cold, according to season; and many other drinks. The author, now Head Bartender of the Piccadilly Hotel, provides his own choice of basic'stock'and a useful guide to types of glasses and bar accessories. For prompt reference to more than a dozen famous cocktails, a 'ready reckoner' appears on the back cover.

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15s. net (in U.K. only)

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