Shine Rev at a glance

Shine Rev at a glance

Performance profile





Flexible fittings

Channels / bands




250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000Hz

Processing types

WDRC and linear WDRC and linear WDRC and linear

-10 0

Adaptive directional

• •

10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90

Fixed directional

Signature features AutoMic

Works in omni and switches to a directional microphone as needed, within a manual program

Features Manual programs

100 110 120

Customized listening programs that can be changed manually

Up to 4

Up to 3

Up to 2

Automatic Adaptation Manager

Intelligently and gently transitions patients to the amplification required for long term optimal speech understanding from first fit acceptance

The Shine Rev family fits hearing losses ranging up to 110 dB

Noise reduction

Identifies and reduces noise to deliver listening comfort

3 settings 3 settings

1 setting 1 setting

1 setting 1 setting

Speech enhancement

Applies extra gain to speech as needed to enhance speech clarity


Detects and suppresses multiple feedback peaks Provides one balanced signal when amplified and unamplified sounds come together Eliminates discomfort from sudden impulse noises

Shine Rev 4 BTE: HP, HPm, M Custom: ITE, ITC, CIC

Natural Sound Balance


3 settings 3 settings

1 setting 1 setting

1 setting 1 setting

Shine Rev 3 BTE: HPm, S Custom: ITE, ITC

Wind noise manager

Detects and minimizes wind noise to provide listening comfort


Specialized fitter – controlled settings to enhance music enjoyment

Shine Rev 2 BTE: HPm, S

Telecoil (except Shine Rev M BTE) Picks up telephone signal directly

In all technology levels: • Data logging • Low battery indicator • IntelliVent technology for custom ear pieces • Plasma coating • IP57

14-021 028-6136-02

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