Sample Suggestions & Feedback


Hospitality Softnet, Inc. is committed to providing THE BEST quality assurance shopping surveys in the industry. Our goal is to give hotels detailed , accurate feedback that can be used in their training and monitoring efforts. Our program is designed not only to be a monitoring tool, but a learning tool. We maintain the highest of professional standards by utilizing shoppers that are skilled, experienced, and have proven records of accomplishment in the hospitality sales industry.


One of the key points of difference to our competitors is that our reports are designed to be a positive training tool, not just a monitoring tool. To achieve this goal, we make recommendations in many of our report formats.

When writing feedback regarding Strengths , it is factual information about what occurred during the course of the call. The paragraph(s) on Areas of Improvement are suggestions on doing the skill in the future and the reasons why that skill is important.

The following pages will provide you with examples of suggestions and reasons why. Feel free to use these suggestions in your reports . A few points are important to keep in mind:

1. Rotate the use of the below phrases, versus using the same one over and over.

2. Whenever possible, vary these phrases slightly . This way we will not appear repetitive in the reports submitted.

3. Once you become comfortable with writing suggestions, use your own verbiage whenever possible.

4. You will see we have used he/she throughout. Please choose the appropriate word based upon the gender of the sales person being shopped. It is important to shift around the use of “Manager” or “the manager” with “he or she.”

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