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On the Cover Crescent Dragonwagon’s Blueberry Coffee Cake. See story page 18. photo by Romney Caruso • • • MOTHER’S DAY IS SUNDAY, MAY 14 Our cake decorators will help

your child decorate a special cake for Mother’s Day. Join us on Saturday, May 13. We’ll have small cakes ready for the kids to decorate. FATHER’S DAY IS SUNDAY, JUNE 18 Treat your dad to a steakhouse steak. We have a steak for every appetite and budget, from USDA Prime and USDA Choice to Dry Aged and our exclusive Texas Star Beef, which is ranched right here on the Gulf Coast. Every steak we sell is cut in store. HELPING FAMILIES IN NEED Research shows that more than 20 percent of parents have skipped meals or gone without food to feed their children. I encourage you to join us and help fight hunger by supporting Feeding America with a donation of nonperishable food or money at any Rouses Market. • • • “One of my memories from growing up is having coffee milk with my Granny Rouse. She would have all the girl granddaughters over for sleepovers. We would play in the backyard, come in, get bathed and play cards. In the morning she would make ‘lost bread’ (French toast) and let us drink coffee with her (though it was mostly milk, I believe!).” —Ali Rouse Royster, 3rd Generation

Donny Rouse &Donald Rouse

COFFEE TALK In most of the world, the ritual of drinking coffee doesn’t begin until adulthood. But in this part of the country, we usually start drinking “coffee milk” as youngsters. Still, coffee is something that most of us associate with adults, and especially with our own parents. Now that I’m a father, I’ve become more nostalgic. And I have even more appreciation for my parents. I don’t wait for a special day to tell them, but I always make an extra effort on their respective holidays. Mother’s Day is the busiest restaurant day of the year but — or maybe because of that — my mom always chooses a home-cooked meal over going out. I’m no slouch in the kitchen, but my mother is the best cook in the world (I bet you say the same thing about your mom), so the pressure is on. Usually we grill or boil seafood — two of my specialties. It’s her day but Mom still makes dessert — you haven’t had bread pudding until you’ve had her bread pudding. It’s best washed down with some good strong Louisiana coffee. I always bring flowers. My kids and I have our own Mother’s Day traditions, which start with breakfast in bed with coffee and all my wife’s favorites, courtesy of the kids. My wife, Kara, also gets homemade cards and a special Mother’s Day cake.The kids go to Rouses the day before to decorate it. I handle dinner and clean up. As for Father’s Day, do others really buy ties for their dads? In my family, every celebration revolves around food, including Father’s Day. My dad and I both like to fish and hunt. Dad isn’t one for gifts, but I never arrive empty-handed. It can be a bottle of his favorite bourbon, a fishing reel or the latest drawings from his grandkids. But it’s mostly about the time spent together, the meal savored, the dessert and coffee to cap the celebration. It’s easy to get hung up on looking for just the right present for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays, but Mother’s Day and Father’s Day really are about just spending time together. Donny Rouse , CEO 3 rd Generation


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