I Am a Novel By Carrington J. Hawthorne

I am a novel. I am an epic tale that goes on for chapters and chapters. I am a mystery so twisted; I often get lost. I am a romance, and I gave you all my heart. I may not be a classic, but my saga might just be cherished through the eons. My story is inspirational, relatable, and unending. My letters are ready to ignite the souls of weary wanderers. My paragraphs are a masterpiece crafted by the heavens. My verse is a gift that I sometimes give too freely. But to you - I was only a page. You thought I was waiting to be turned when you tired of scouring my content for meaning. You devoured each drop of my loving ink until there was nearly nothing left. You tried to erase me into a blank sheet of notebook paper shoved in your back pocket. You wanted to write the version of my story that you could actually comprehend. But I am a novel.


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