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Appleton, Wisconsin

November 2017


Issue II

Teaming Up with a Teacher District-wide event

they talk to a classroom full of students who are immigrants or are from immigrant families, the connection is really strong and the tone that it sets is one of success, progress, and the ability to achieve what you hope to achieve in life,” said Haskell about past community members she has brought in to talk to her students. One community member that came in is Mr. Jody Andres, who visited one of Meck’s classes. He is an architect at Hoffman Construction Company now, but he didn’t want to go into architecture at first. “I knew in high school I wanted to go into either engineering or architecture. I chose architecture, but I did have my doubts. The school of architecture and I did not necessarily work well together and I even contemplated switching to engineering in my last year at UW-Milwaukee,” said Andres. However, he held out and eventually found out that there was more to the career than what his college degree taught him. He found that architecture was a diverse lives,” said Olivia Molter, a se- nior at Appleton North, about what she gained and will con- tinue to gain from the program. “I believe I will get more tools for myself and those around me for coping with the stresses of student life. I hope to learn more about modern, different approaches to the is- sues that plague my generation; in large, I hope to be able to un- derstand and effectively help my peers with their issues,” said Carter King, a sophomore at Appleton North, focusing on approaching those who need a Source of Strength, The Sources of Strength training may still be an ongoing progress for the group, with stu- dents learning the ins and outs to this new program throughout the year. However, the students are more than ready to begin to help build their peers up with their hope, help, and strength.

supports career based learning

By Maddie Clark By Maddie Clark W hat do you want to be when you grow up? You’ve probably been asked this question a thousand times before, whether it comes from a parent, a teacher, or even a distant relative. When you were first asked this question, you probably said something outrageously imaginative like Superman or a princess. Now, when asked that question, it probably brings you tons of stress because you’re not quite sure what you want to do when you head off to college. However, some kids will take career based courses in high school to help them form their decision; however, all of their classes are not career based. Most classes don’t significantly help someone make the decision of what they want to do in the future because they aren’t career based. This year, on Nov. 15th, members of the working class community came into the Appleton Area schools to On Tuesday, October 10th, a group of 78 students from Ap- pleton North went to the Boys and Girls Club for the whole day to train to become Sources of Strength for Appleton North. Considering there were over 135 referrals of students teach- ers felt were qualified for the position and only 60 students were supposed to come to the training, the group of 78 stu- dents brought to training was very large group. Along with the students, 17 adult advisors and administra- tors came along to the training. “We played all the games and did everything right along with the students. That was one of the things that some of the stu- dents admitted was fun; watch- ing the adults have fun and get Program helps members become positive leaders

Mr. Jody Andres, an architect at Hoffman Construction Company, is one of the community mem- bers that came in for the Teaming Up with a Teacher event. Andres has worked at multiple differ- ent firms in the Fox Valley since he graduated in 1992. Photo used with permission by Jody Andres.

global studies so it seemed like a good chance to connect global studies to real world positions,” said Ms. Molly Meck, a global studies teacher at North. Likewise, Mrs. Teri Berlowski decided to participate in this event with the same viewpoint. “I think it is very important for community members to see what is going on in our schools. Career Based Learning is a district initiative and teachers

need to make connections to business partners,” said Berlowski. While Meck and Berlowski used this event for students to make real world connections to their classes, Ms. Hilary Haskell, an ELL teacher, used it for something more. “All of the presenters who come into my room are either immigrants themselves or come from immigrant families. So, when the Appleton North staff to in- form them about the program and what they will be doing throughout the year to help the Appleton North community. The quality of the Sources of Strength program at North that makes it special isn’t solely the focus on hope, help, and strength. Rather, the special quality is the fact that it is a stu- dent run group. “Yes, we have peer advisors. But we want to know what the students want to do, what they feel will help their peers,” said Mr. Pynen- berg. Not only will the general Ap- pleton North community ben- efit from the training, so will the individuals participating in the organization. “It’s really easy to be self-centered and al- ways tune out the problems of the people around you. After the training and being involved in this, I think I’ll just be more aware of the people around me and what’s going on in their

discuss their career path and their job experiences. The Teaming Up with a Teacher event was apart of National EducationWeek with this year’s focus being on Career Based Learning. Some teachers here at Appleton North took advantage of this event for very similar reasons. “It seemed like a good opportunity to get someone from the community in. I teach

See Clark , page 2 Sources of Strength trains students to create strong group

Sources of Strength members engaging in an activity during training on Tuesday, October 10th. Photo used with permission by Mrs. Abby Vanderloop.

group will be involved in, and the different displays inform- ing people about the Sources of Strength program. Pynenberg plans on doing two to three events a year to get the word out about the Sources of Strength group and to help students find their Sources of Strength in the Appleton North community. On November 15th, some Sources of Strength members will be presenting to

involved. It was trying to break down some of those barriers and walls throughout the day,” said Mr. David Pynenberg, the principal at Appleton North. The large number of mem- bers caused students to form different groups in order to stay focused on certain tasks. These groups will focus on things such as presentations in the school, how the group is portrayed on social media, public events the

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