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The National Anthem, to protest or not to protest?

they know they would have complete support from the coaching staff and the overall North community.”

Werner said. “I don’t be- lieve anyone would be mad at taking a knee, but a coach might get mad that we were acting as an individual, not as a teammate. As a team, we show unity at all times, no matter what the circum- stances may be. Our coach- es have repeated that to us.” Quarterback Carter Rob- inson had similar words in terms of consequences for protesting the anthem. He said,“Coach Salm would not like someone doing something that the team is not doing together.” If Mr. Werner were to hear of a protest about to take place, he would notify downtown, but he would never stop a protest from happening, going back to the idea of the First Amend- ment: “Everyone has a right to protest peacefully.” He would want to find out why the students are protesting, so he could see if there was anything he or anyone else could do to help. According to Laatsch, Robinson, and many more teammates, “we have not planned on protesting, but

Laatsch supports what certain NFL players are do- ing. “It reflects on the First Amendment. It is a peace- ful way of protesting seri- ous issues going on right now in this country.” While, no protests were expected to happen with North’s football team, the same philosophy goes for all of North’s sports teams. No one will shut down any protests, as long as it does not cause any disruption to players, coaches, and fans. Standing for the National An- them before playing Neenah. Photo courtesy of @ANLight- ingFB on Twitter.

Appleton North standing for the National Anthem before a playoff game versus Bay Port. Photo by Kyle Hoffenbecker

First Amedment, which of course, allows people the right to peacefully protest.” Mr. Werner said there wouldn’t be any con- sequences, like being sus- pended for a game or taken out of a game, unless the protest becomes a distrac- tion, or interferes with any- one who is not partaking in the protest. Junior running back Ian Laatsch seemed to be in agreement with what Mr.

Since we have seen many protests amongst many football players and teams, bringing this topic back to our school community was a very compelling idea. According to activities di- rector Nate Werner, “The guidelines for the National Anthem are the same as the Pledge of Allegiance. You are not required to stand.” He also stated that, “stu- dents have just as much right as anyone else to the

By Kyle Hoffenbecker

Everyone knows of the controversy behind the National Anthem protests around sports, namely the NFL, within the past year or so. With television net- works now refusing to show the National Anthem during TV broadcasts, we have not heard much about the protests as of late, but it is still a very controver- sial topic within the sports community.

Athletes of the Month By Kyle Hoffenbecker

Mary Rose Flood - Senior - Cross Country

Noah Koleske - Senior - Soccer

1. How did you get involved with soccer?

My parents signed me up when I was 5. I instantly loved it, and I have been playing ever since. I also play basketball, but I much rather prefer soc- cer.

1. How did you get involved with cross country?

I started running cross country in middle school because my older sister was on the high school team. It looked like a lot of fun. I also run track, but cross country is my favorite.

2. Are you involved in any other sports, if so, which is your favorite?

2.Are you involved in any other sports, if so which one is your favor- ite? 3. What has been your favorite high school sport moment so far?

Noah Koleske with a header versus Preble. Photo courtesy of the Appleton Post-Crescent.

3. What has been your favorite high school sports moment so far?

Winning conference last season and winning back- to-back regional titles.

Placing sixth at the state cross country meet this year.

4. What is your favor- ite part about playing soccer?

Celebrating after scoring a goal.

I love the team atmo- sphere, and running the 5k distance through hills and trails. I utilize my off hours as best as I can. I also start homework right away when I get home from school or practice.

4. What is your favor- ite part about running cross country?

5. How do you man- age your time between, school, sports, and any other activities you are a part of?

It is difficult at times, but making the most of off hours during school and random free time is crucial to me.

5. How do you man- age your time between school, sports, and any other activities you are a part of?

Mary Rose Flood running at her conference meet. Photo courtesy of Danny Damiani.

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