Graham Trade Saver April 2019 Baxi Amendment


YOU GET THE PRODUCTS YOU’RE AFTER The brands and products you want, right where you want them and when you want them. On the doorstep, on the job, on the clock, in full - * YOU GET SORTED FAST Whatever we can do for you, we’ll do it fast. In person, over the phone and online. Before you buy, while you’re buying and any time after. Locally or nationally. YOU TALK TO PEOPLE IN THE KNOW Get advice from people on the spot. People who speak your language, who know the job, who are as professional as you. People who listen to get you what you need, not just what they’ve got available.

YOU ALWAYS GET YOUR MONEY’S WORTH Individual attention, competitive pricing, no-fuss returns. Great Value for Service. Guaranteed every time.*

* Terms and conditions apply

Your Local Plumbing & Heating Specialist

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