Technical Manual for Exhibitors

Welcome Letter

Please take your time to read the exhibitor technical man- ual carefully. This document is providing you all necessary guidelines to ensure your participation in EADV AMSTER- DAM 2014 will be a memorable one, a pleasure and a real success. It includes details about: • The general information on EADV Amsterdam 2014 • The rules and regulations to follow • The hiring of your booth material

Dear Exhibitors, We are delighted to hear that you have decided to partici- pate in the 23 rd EADV Congress which will be held at the Amsterdam RAI Congress Center, Amsterdam, on 08-12 October 2014. As you know from 2014 due to the relevant EU laws and reg- ulations currently in force, our 23 rd EADV Congress in Am- sterdam and next events are subject to significant changes regarding the participants, the exhibition area and the ad- vertising in order to be in compliance with the EU laws. Below you have the main regulation concerning the par- ticipants, the access in the Exhibition area, advertising and Industries sessions. Participants All participants, with the exception of the exhibitors, will have to be classified in two categories as Prescribers and Non-Prescribers. The relevant category will be indicated on the registration badge. Dutch Law defines prescribers as: Physicians, pharmacists, dentists, midwives, chemists, pharmacy assistants, nurse practitioners, physician assis- tants and specialist nurses (diabetes, lung and oncology nurses). ExhibitionArea Only prescribers may enter the exhibition area and will be required to display their “prescriber” badge at the entrance. Non-prescribers have no access to the exhibition area. An exception has been made for exhibitors/staff that have purchased an exhibitor badge and will be working at their company booth. Advertisingand Industries sessions Only prescribers may be exposed to (and may expose themselves to) pharmaceutical advertising for prescription drugs. Product booths and advertisements for prescription products must therefore not be accessible to non-prescrib- ers. All details are described in our sponsorship brochure. Please read it very carefully. Considering that, EADV has decided to delimit the access to Satellite Symposia to prescribers only.

• The organization of your booth • The success of your exhibition

We look forward to working with you over the coming weeks and towelcoming you inAmsterdam for an enjoyablemeeting.

I am at your disposal for any additional information you may require

Best regards,

Gabriele Pizzino Congress Coordinator Exhibition and Sponsoring

EADV (Headquarters) Via delle Scuole, 12 CH- 6900 Lugano Cassarate Switzerland Phone: +41 91 973 45 20 Fax. +41 91 973 45 30



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