BROWNELL EVERBLOOMING SUB-ZERO ROSES You Need These Disease-Resistant Roses …Even If You Handle Other Roses!

Our Roots Grow Back to 1895

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This new race of roses produce large, spectacular flowers! Ready to bloom this year & every year from spring to late fall…actually begin to bloom 60-90 days after planting! So hardy they withstand 15° below without protection. In Arctic test they produced beautiful blooms even after winter cold of 35° below! Bloom continuously with rich color and luxuriant foliage, through mid- summer heat. Need almost no care. Disease Resistant – Need Almost No Spraying Almost immune to Blackspot and other rose troubles. Need less spraying than regular roses…many need none. Actually care-free! Truly LIFETIME EVERBLOOMING Roses Unlike other roses, Sub-Zero Roses increase in size and beauty…reach their peak 4 th or 5 th season…continue their display for a lifetime! Grow up to 4’ tall with large flowers…Most have old rose fragrance. These roses were cross- bred with vigorous Rosa Wichuraiana and modern Hybrid Teas. See Page 22 for Varieties & Descriptions

PLANTABLE POT Biodegradable Recycled Fiber Pot,

Nursery Wrapped in Poly Bag for Shipping, Display and Long Shelf Life. Full Color Picture Tag Attached for Increased Sales. Customer Plants Pot for Easy Transplant. Eco Friendly Packaging. Heavy #1 Grade Plants. Garden Center Quality HEAD START PACK Poly Sleeve with Color Description Label. 100% Organic Soilless Mix Provides Long Shelf Life… and a “Head Start” at Planting Time. #1 Grade Plants. Great for Fruit Stands & Farmer’s Markets COLOR BOX Attractive, Self-Selling, Maintenance Free…Plants are Poly Root-Wrapped inside Descriptive Color Sales Box. Good Shelf Life, Increase Impulse Sales. Packed in Display Shipper. Sell Anywhere.

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Plantable Pot

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Crimson Night

Double Gold Prelude


Grade Bare Root


2119 – Red Raspberry Crimson Night #1 Transplant Heavy fall crop with dark, shiny fruit. Vigorous, compact and productive with attractive dark purple canes. Medium large dark colored berries. Excellent flavor from shiny, conical fruit. Cornell Introduction 2012. 2117 – Golden Raspberry Double Gold #1 Transplant Two crops per year of deep golden blushed champagne colored fruit. Distinctive conical shaped berries with excellent flavor. Very vigorous disease-resistant bush bears on tips of new canes in fall and summer crop on same canes the following summer. Cornell Introduction - 2012 2118 – Red Raspberry Prelude #1 Transplant Cornell introduction, is the earliest ripening red raspberry that also bears in the fall. Winter hardy and vigorous plant produces berries with very good flavor. 2136 – Red Raspberry Encore #1 Transplant Very hardy vigorous, sturdy, upright plant produces flavorful late mid-season berries. A good choice for extending the summer raspberry picking season. Cornell Introduction. Southern Blueberries 12/18” 2143 – Sharpblue, Heat & drought tolerant southern variety. Zone 8-11 2147 – O’Neal, Flavorful southern variety, also hardy. Zone 5-11



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