Hotwire Fision_Remote DVR Instructions_2014


Remote Scheduling For Your Fision ® DVR

The following instructions will walk you through Remote DVR, a feature that can be accessed from a web browser after logging into your My Hotwire account.

Initial Steps: 1.) Log into your account, by visiting your property page at , and then select the My Concierge tab. The Remote DVR icon is listed as Schedule DVR under the TV tab as shown.

2.) Launching Schedule DVR will bring up a Guide from which you can add new recordings, view series recordings, delete past recordings or simply check to see what is playing at a certain date and time.

Schedule a Recording or Series Recording: 1.) Locate the show you would like to schedule a recording for by either scrolling through the Guide using the scroll bar on the far right and navigating downwards or by going to the Date, Time or Channel of the program you wish to record as shown in the image. Tip #1: Clicking the HD button on the top right will filter to show only HD channels available. Tip #2: By clicking on the field box in the top right hand corner labeled Title Search , you can search quickly for a program by name.

2.) After you have located the show you wish to record, a popup will appear prompting you for Settings information for your recording. Here you can edit Keep Until, when to Stop Recording, the option to Record the Series, Channel Type, First Runs or Reruns, and the Number to Keep.

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