Hotwire Fision_Remote DVR Instructions_2014

4.) To schedule a Series Recording select the checkmark box for Record the Series. 5.) Press Set Recording to save your settings. A popup will appear confirming that your recording has been scheduled.

View Scheduled Series Recordings:

1.) To view upcoming series scheduled to record, click on the 2nd tab labeled Scheduled Shows.

2.) If you wish to cancel the scheduled series recording, select Red Series button. A popup appears, asking if you would like to remove the item from your scheduled Recordings. Click Yes, Cancel Recording if you wish to cancel the scheduled series recording.

3.) Selecting the blue button Settings will bring up the saved settings for that series. You can change any items from the drop down menu boxes and then save your changes by pressing Update Settings.

Delete Recorded Shows:

1.) Simply select the title you would like to delete and click Delete. 2.) A popup will appear confirming whether you want to delete the recording. Click Yes, Delete Recording .

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