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December solution Two coins Sue was fiddling with two coins, rolling around the other. Martin came over. "You see those two identical coins?" said Sue. "I amgoing to keep one of them still while I roll the other round it, without it slipping or sliding. Howmany times will the rolling coin turn round while it is rolling round the other coin?" "Once, of course, if it rolls round exactly," Martin replied. Sue smiled smugly. What is the correct answer? One hundred up Mary should have called 'four', making the running total up to 11. Whatever Peter called out on his turn, Mary should have always called enough tomake up 11. In this way, the total after Mary's turn would always have been a multiple of 11. After they had each called nine numbers, the total would be 99 and Peter would be forced to reach 100 with his next call, even if he called 'one'. Energy management, load manage- ment, load shedding, load control devices, meters, transducers, lamps, lighting control, timers, water heating, time-of-use tariffs, power factor cor- rection, relays, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, control gear, alternative energy. Earthing, lightning and surge protec- tion, earthing systems, surge protective devices, fuses, protection of structures and electronic equipment against light- ning and surge, internal and external lightning protection systems, correct cabling strategies, earth electrode test- ing, impedance measurement and in- surance. DISTRIBUTIONBOARDS, SWITCHES, SOCKETS ANDPROTECTION ENERGY EFFICIENCY FEBRUARY FEATURES

Scott Meikle , technical consultant, industrial and commercial projects.

Ryan Bell , technical consultant, industrial and commercial projects.

Nicolette Combrink , projects administrator.

Christopher Mogaramele Kgoete , junior electrical technolo- gist, commercial and industrial projects.

Chris Cronjé, managing director.

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