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DPF 8000 ™ Ultra Tack

DPF 8000™ Ultra Tack is the solution for surfaces that are hard-to-stick to. DPF 8000™ Ultra Tack offers secure adhesion strength to low energy surfaces and textured substrates, like brick and concrete. With DPF 8000™ Ultra Tack the sky is the limit – wrap building and stadiums, plastic dirt bikes and wall murals.

▶ The Hard-To-Stick Solution ▶ Multi-Purpose Ultra Tack Adhesive ▶ Printing With a Wide Variety of Printing Systems ▶ Slightly Textured and/or Low-Energy Surfaces. ▶ Application in Cold Temperature Environments Benefits:

Wrapped in DPF 8000 TM Ultra Tack by Spandex Slovakia

DPF 8200 High Tack is the ultimate premium film for textured surfaces and installations on demanding surfaces. A durable film combined with a low shrink, high tack adhesive formula that allows for greater dimensional stability - making it easier to apply. DPF 8200 High Tack


▶ High Tack for Demanding Applications

▶ Enhanced Dimensional Stability ▶ Low Shrink Adhesive System ▶ Easy to Convert, Print & Apply

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