USD President's Report 1987

e all know what America stands for. How many of us know what our alma mater stands for? Ever wonder why some of the traditional values we used to learn on America's campuses don't seem to be a part of the picture anymore? Values like demanding the best of yourself and living up to standards of honesty and integrity that were once taught with enthusiasm seem to have fallen by the way- side. Most colleges and universities don't even pay them lip service. And if they do. they're apt to treat them like worthless remnants of another time. Only problem is. those traditional values are what got us where we are today. Values like doing your best for its own sake. not just where it will get you. Today. seems like everybody is just out to get what they can for them- selves. and sacrifice is a thing of the past. Which is why we think it's important for colleges to make a place for teaching values ... values that have stood the test of time. Values that can be lived each day. After all. if colleges don't try to do their part. we may never see the end of front-page stories about fallen heroes and people out to get whatever they can . . . people who sometimes have everything-except a sense of values. Putting values back on our campuses won't solve all our problems. But one thing's certain: we won't solve an if we don't try. t IS) Universily of 0an Die8o Life is what you put in. Not what you take out.

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