Riverside Reporter - Dec 2017

From t he Manage r s Desk

Hello Village People Well the serious countdown to Christmas begins and we move it up a notch to all the festivities. Am so looking forward to all the Christmas Lights throughout the village over the next month. It’s a joy to see people get into the spirit of the season. Remember, there is a prize for the best display and hopefully we can get some good photo’s to put on display. Yes, we have gone GREEN thanks to Janet Green #138. Janet talked the Council into giving us 4 Recycle Bins for communal use within the village. Now, if you would like to collect all your recycling, there are 2 wheelie bin size bins with yellow lids at the hall [behind the lattice past the BBQ’s] 1 large bin next to the lane down to the Vegie Garden and 1 large bin just inside the overflow area [thru the gates next to house #27] These will be emptied fortnightly, with the next pick up on Tuesday 12th December. WHAT CAN I RECYCLE? What to place in your Recycling bin  all plastic bottles and containers up to 5 litres in capacity (rinsed with lids off)  all aluminium, steel, aerosol cans

 all glass bottles and jars (rinsed with lids off)  all paper, milk, juice cartons, magazines and carboard (flattened)  telephone books  Letters, advertising materials What not to place in your Recycling bin  recycling in plastic bags  silver-lined UHT containers (long-life packaging)  plastic bags  nappies  compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and tubes  batteries  household waste  food or green waste  polystyrene  motor oil containers  any glass items except bottles and jars  Crockery: Pyrex, plates, mugs, etc How To Place Recyclables In Your Recycling Bin All items should be placed loosely in your bin (and not in plastic bags). Containers should be rinsed, majority of food scraps removed and all cartons flattened. Lids and tops should also be placed loosely into the bin.

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