Riverside Reporter - Dec 2017

From t he Sa l es Team

Hello everyone The sales team are looking forward to the Open Day on the 2 nd December 2017 9.30am to 12pm We are hoping to generate a number of new leads and prospects from the open day. We have had an increase in enquiries for our homes for sale over the last week or so, which is encouraging for our vendors, the only catch is the majority of these prospects need to sell their homes in order to purchase within our village, and this is proving challenging with the Perth market still quite flat. Onwards and upwards is what we say and we will continue to give it our all to sell these homes on behalf of our vendors. Wishing you all a very Merry Christ- mas & a Happy NewYear From the Sales Team

NEW HOME ON THE MARKET:  #70 — $249,000 RETURNING TO THE MARKET:  #179—$169,000

Happy Birthday to those who are celebrating their special day in DECEMBER From the Staff of RGE

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