Our building is 30+ years old, evolving from 60,000 sq. ft. to today at 120,000 sq. ft. The building requires major renovations, some of which are identified below:

ROOF: There are multiple itemized problems with the roof leading our roofing consultant to conclude that replacement of the roof is necessary. HVAC SYSTEM: This system is inadequate causing mechanical and pressurization issues which necessitate replacement and/or upgrading. This will include duct work venting, humidifiers and electrical upgrades. KITCHENS: The main kitchen requires total modernization including exhaust and fresh air circulation, expanded dishwashing space and replacement of all equipment. PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL: There is aging and inadequate plumbing and electrical service throughout the building. This must be upgraded to meet current requirements and code standards. LAUNDRY AND WORKSHOP: These facilities must be expanded to accommodate Beach Club laundry needs and upgraded to handle exhaust and ventilation issues. WINDOWS: Must be upgraded with hurricane glass and façade modifications. SITE WORK: Exterior site work must be upgraded to improve drainage and runoff problems.

Additionally, thirty-four (34) parking spaces will be added to our campus to reduce parking on Tournament Drive. The goals and objectives for the Clubhouse modernization and redecoration are numerated in the following pages.

Frenchman’s Creek Beach & Country Club

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