UltraFlatS (English)


The Ultra Flat S shower trays are products of Ideal Solid® This hard-wearing material is composed of a mixture of resin and natural mineral filler, coated with an opaque finish with „Stone“ effect. WITH „STONE“ FINISH EFFECT...

Easy to install, fit, enclose or raise. Our shower trays are: • Ultra rigid • Ultra flat (with thickness of 3 cm) • Lighter than ceramic trays Optimal slip-resistance The „Stone“ finishing coat is naturally slip-resistant (Class C according to DIN 51097

Excellent scratch-resistance The entire surface of the tray is coated with a 1 mm. thick gel coat. In case of accidents, this surface is easily repaired during or after installation using the repair kit. Accessible When built-in, these shower trays are suitable for people with movement disabilities

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