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Rush & Br i an Sa t t er f i e l d Hi l t on He ad I s l and , SC

Mark & Sus an McDermot t Bou l de r , CO

Lar ry & Ann Moon To l edo , OH

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Genera l Manager ' s Updat e

Hello Long Cove Club! The statement on the left of this page is one of my favorite quotes from "Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect." It’s written by Will Guidara, the General Manager of Eleven Madison Park in New York City, which was the number rated restaurant in the world in 2017. I’m a fan of Will and I’m even a bigger fan of his leadership style and his outlook on life both personally and professionally. Progress takes time. The pursuit of excellence is never ending. Change can be difficult, but it is inevitable. Subtlety and thoughtfulness in driving for continuous improvement provides a foundation that everyone can get behind because everyone will benefit from the changes that take place. We are in the midst of these exciting times as we look to respond to the new needs and expectations of our members, while elevating the experience that we provide with each and every visit. The service in the details is what will set us apart from the rest. We are doing this by building a sustainable culture, focusing on the importance of our team members, putting in new systems and standards, and simultaneously embracing the history and traditions that have made this the special place that it is. Long Cove Club is held in the highest regard to everyone that is part of this community, both past and present, and upward and onward is the direction we’re heading. In the four months that I have had the privilege of being your general manager, the one constant that I have come across from every single Member, is their unwavering sense of pride for Long Cove Club. We have heard feedback from the community and we are heading towards a direction that was recommended. Your Board of Directors works incredibly hard alongside Club leadership to set the right path for the short-term and for the future. In the coming days and weeks, you will start to see the results of this commitment, all with the intention of serving this community in the best way possible. We hope that you will join us for the Town Hall Meeting on Monday, May 22nd at 5pm to learn about safety and security within our community, to present about possible options for action, and for an opportunity to hear your valuable feedback. Separately, you’ll soon be hearing about enhancements to our food and beverage program based on the results from our Community Engagement Sessions. We’re excited to share some of the ideas that we have and will be highlighted in a June 12th Town Hall presentation. As you start to plan your summer, don't miss our annual celebrations around Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Details are listed in this newsletter. The pool and outside activities will be in full swing as well and we promise to keep you coming back with a variety of offerings throughout the summer months! Remember there are summer clinics available for kids in both golf and tennis/pickleball. Looking ahead to our July 4th celebration, we will also be open on Monday the 3rd for all operations so you can have an extra day to enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. There is so much happening here! Remember, providing the highest level of hospitality to all of you is our mission. Focusing on attention to details and excellence in service is our priority. Spoiler alert: we’re not going to get it right every time, but please remember the commitment to doing so never waivers and we will work hard to get better every single day. We look forward to serving you!

Mario Campuzano GM/COO

“The way you do one thing is the way you do everything, and... that precision in the smallest of details translated to precision in bigger ones.” -Will Guidara


Board of Di rectors News The F i v e Pi l l ars o f t he St ra t eg i c Pl an

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Community Engagement Sessions or the online survey. In total, we heard from 315 Members, reaching 200+ households. The results from the Community Engagement Sessions helped us gather feedback on the facilities plan. The goal of the Long Range Planning committee is to complete our new Club Strategic Plan, which we have separated out into the pillars below. Join us for a Town Hall on Monday, June 12 at 5:00 pm where we will discuss the results from the Community Engagement Sessions and next steps on the strategic plan. The event will be live streamed and recorded for those who cannot attend in person.

Go v e rnan c e The Club is run by a set of governance documents. In most cases, our documents have not been updated in over forty years. We are committed to reviewing and proposing changes, starting with an upcoming referendum in June on one item. More will be communicated at the Town Hall.

Mi ss i on and V i s i on

F i nan c i a l

Ope ra t i ons Operations is led by GM/COO, Mario Campuzano. Based on feedback, an operations update will be given on ways we can provide enhanced dining options and services to the membership.

Fa c i l i t i es Potential projects for facilities upgrades were presented at the Community Engagement Sessions. Results from feedback and next steps will be discussed at the Town Hall.

Funding capital maintenance remains a priority for the Finance Committee and Board. Financial strategy through the Strategic Plan also includes funding options for potential new amenities or facilities.

The Board of Directors are committed to making decisions consistent with our Mission and Vision Statements.

Pub 44 Casual Dining at Long Cove Club

June 4, 11, 18 & 25 July 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 August 6, 13, 20 & 27 September 10, 17, 24

Casual Dining from 10 am - 8 pm in the Grill/Magnolia Room. The JFB will be closed on Pub 44 days. 4

Club Ca l endar

May 18-21 | Long Cove Fundays May 19 & May 21 | No dinner service for Fundays events Monday, May 22 | Security & Safety Town Hall Tuesday, May 23 | Bunco Friday, May 26 | Movie Night Sunday, May 28 | Memorial Day Cookout (no ala carte dinner service) Monday, May 29 | Memorial Day: Course & Clubhouse Open Sunday, June 4 | Pub 44 June 6-9 | Junior Golf Summer Camp Sunday, June 11 | Pub 44 Monday, June 12 | Strategic Plan Town Hall June 13-15 | Junior Tennis & Pickleball Summer Camp Saturday, June 17 | No Dinner Service (Private Event) Sunday, June 18 | Father's Day & Pub 44 Tuesday, June 20 | Bunco June 20-22 | Kids Tennis & Pickleball Summer Camp Sunday, June 25 | Pub 44 June 27-29 | Kids Tennis & Pickleball Summer Camp Sunday, July 2 | Pub 4 Monday, July 3 | Club Open Tuesday, July 4 | 4th of July Celebration July 4-7 | Junior Golf Summer Camp Sunday, July 9 | Pub 44 Monday, July 10 | Ladies Member-Guest Registration Opens Sunday, July 16 | Pub 44 July 17 - August 7 | Course Closed for Summer Maintenance Tuesday, July 18 | Bunco Sunday, July 23 | Pub 44 Sunday, July 30 | Pub 44 Wednesday, August 2 | Men's Invitational Registration Opening at 8 am Sunday, August 6 | Pub 44 Sunday, August 13 | Pub 44 Tuesday, August 15 | Bunco Sunday, August 20 | Pub 44 Sunday, August 27 | Pub 44 Sunday, September 3 | Labor Day Cookout (no ala carte dinner service) Monday, September 4 | Labor Day: Course & Clubhouse Open F riday, September 8 | Justin Wine Dinner (ala carte dinner in JFB) Sunday, September 10 | Pub 44 Friday, September 15 | No Dinner Service (closed for private event) September 15-17 | Men's & Ladies Club Championship Sunday, September 17 | Pub 44 Tuesday, September 19 | Bunco Thursday, September 21 | No Dinner Service (MI Reception) September 21-23 | Men's Invitational Saturday, September 23 | No Dinner Service (MI Reception) Sunday, September 24 | Pub 44 Wednesday, September 27 | Long Cove Fund Grants Reception Thursday, September 28 (tentative) | Flu Clinic Thursday, October 5 | No Dinner Service (Ladies MG Reception) Friday, October 6 | Dinner in JFB Only (Ladies MG Reception)

HOUR Happy Happy Hour is available in the JFB & Grill/Magnolia Rooms from 5-7 pm during ala cart dinner service.

SERVICE Pool Summer Pool Delivery Service starts Memorial Day Weekend! An attendant will be available to take your food and drink orders, Tuesday-Sunday from 11 am - 3 pm.

October 5-7 | Ladies Member-Guest *the JFB will be closed on Pub 44 days.


Summer Event s

Memor i a l Day Cookou t Labor Day Cookou t Sunday, May 28 Tuesday, July 4 Sunday, Sept. 3 Come to the Clubhouse at 5 pm and stay for an evening of food, drinks and 4 t h o f Ju ly Ce l ebra t i on

Kick-off your 4th of July celebrations with a delicious holiday buffet at the Clubhouse. Cocktails will start at 5 pm and dinner will be served starting at 6 pm. Head to the Marina at dark to watch the Shelter Cove Fireworks! Please RSVP on the Member Central calendar or by calling the clubhouse at (843) 686- 1000. Adults: $42++, Children (5-12): $15++, No cost for children 4 and under.

Say goodbye to Summer with a Lowcounty Boil. Cocktails will start at 5 pm with a dinner buffet being served at 6 pm. Please RSVP on the Member Central calendar or by calling the clubhouse at (843) 686-1000. Adults: $42++ Children (5-12): $22++ No cost for children 4 and under.

entertainment. Please RSVP on the Member Central calendar or by calling the clubhouse at (843) 686-1000. Adults: $42++ Children (5-12): $22++ No cost for children 4 and under.

Menus and event details can be found on the Member Central website. 48 cancellation policy in effect for these events.

Please note the Club will be open on the following Mondays: May 29, July 3, Sept. 4

S ecur i ty & Sa f e ty

Wi ldl i f e Sa f e t y

As we enter the summer months and alligator mating season, we will soon see more wildlife activity in the Community. Alligators are protected by the Federal Government and it is illegal to harass or feed them. Please take the following steps to protect you and your animals:

Never feed or harass an alligator. In general, it is recommended to stay 10 feet from the water's edge, including when fishing or golfing. Always keep your pets away from the water's edge. Under no circumstance should any child under 16 years of age fish along the lagoons unless accompanied by an adult.

Your safety is our priority and proper reporting of suspicious alligator activity will help our team and DNR properly handle nuisance alligators.

A nuisance alligator is identified as a creature that is believed to pose immediate threat to people, their property and/or pets. Simply not liking alligators or wanting them removed does not categorize alligators as nuisance. Most alligators retreat with a loud sound or as you approach them, but please do not agitate them when doing this. If you feel as if you have located a nuisance alligator, the following steps should be taken: Contact security immediately. Security will then assess the situation and gathering information to provide to DNR. Security will then contact a DNR representative to search for and determine where the nuisance alligator is located. DNR will either attempt to remove it immediately or schedule for a removal trap. Security will record the incident.

We are required to share our roads among vehicles, walkers, bikers and runners. When passing a pedestrian please SLOW down and pass with caution, leaving at least 6 feet of space between the vehicle and the pedestrian. If you approach a pedestrian in your vehicle, but a car is approaching in the opposite direction, please stop and wait for that car to pass before safely making your way around the pedestrian. Pedestrians can also help keep our roads safe by always wearing bright colors when walking, biking or running to be easily identified. Walkers should always walk facing traffic and when a car is approaching, please move into a line to allow for more passing room. Bikers should bike with the flow of traffic and always bike in a line. We are all in this together. Thank you for your cooperation on sharing the road! Shar e t he Road In t he e v en t o f an eme rgen cy , pl e ase c a l l 91 1 be f or e Se c ur i t y , ( 843) 686- 1 050 .


C on g r a t u l a t i on s t o t h e 2 0 2 3 C hamp i on s ! S a v e t h e D a t e : Ma r c h 4- 6 , 2 0 24

It was simply the best! The 2023 Darius Rucker Intercollegiate set many records in areas of sponsorship, spectators, tournament field and weather. What a wonderful week to be a Long Cove Club Member. We have a lot to be proud of. LSU captured their first DRI team title, while South Carolina's Mathilde Claisse won the individual title - also her first. This year, we invited two individuals from Howard University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), who joined the field along with 17 top-ranked teams from across the country representing seven conferences. Golf Channel returned and showcased another great event for women's golf. Our golf course looked phenomenal once again and really put Long Cove Club on the map as one of the top golf facilities in the country. Our volunteers certainly deserve credit for the success of the tournament along with Christy Cohen, our Managing Director. In total, we had 130+ Member volunteers who helped with all aspects of operations. A special thank you to our Committee Chairs: Nannette Hoadley, Staunton Oppenheimer, Jo Kraft, Stefanie Thieneman, Paula Snyder, Cathy Wareham, Steve Smith, Bob Navarre, Ron Dente, Bill McGlocklin and John Akeson. I want to give a special "Thank You" to Mike Schlotman and Kroger Company for their continued support of the event year after year. In total, we had over 50 sponsors including PXG and Principal Financial coming on to underwrite the TV broadcast. This event would not be possible without dedication from our professional staff. Thank you to Mario Campuzano and his entire team for their hard work. Golf Operations, led by Bob Patton and Ben Chehval produced a top notch tournament from practice facilities to rules officials. Food and Beverage led by Nick Brisk and John Soulia kept members and players happy with their culinary offerings and provided our guests with a convenient and delicious snack bar. Willie Rice, Johnny Young and Justin Griffin led the security team and oversaw first aid and parking operations. DRI Managing Director Christy Cohen kept us on track with all the event details and Lindsay Finger produced a robust marketing effort that drew record crowds. Helen & Harold Sauls and the entire Community Services Team worked hard all week managing backstage concert details and assisting in various tournament operations. Last but not least, thank you to Ashley Davis and his entire golf maintenance crew. The course conditions were fantastic and provided challenging, but fair playing conditions for the field. Thank you to the Long Cove Club Membership for your continued support of the event. Please save the date for our 12th Darius Rucker Intercollegiate which will be held March 4-6, 2024. Rob Ryan, Tournament Chair

D R I Qu i c k F A c t s 3,200 Spectators over three days. 50+ Tournament Sponsors. 62,000 Page Views on the DRI website.

The 2023 Event was televised live on Golf Channel for three days, with over 30 hours of coverage. Over 1.2 Million Impressions through advertisements. Over 3.9 Million Impressions through Golf Channel Social Media Channels. Golf Channel's coverage drew 74,000 average viewers per minute, peaking at 105,000 viewers per minute for Wednesday's Final Round Coverage. 67% of spectators said the tournament was influential when planning their trip to HHI. 15% of spectators said the DRI was the primary reason for visiting HHI. Spectators represented 28 different states and Canada. 56% of Spectators came from over 50 miles away. "Keep the tournament coming to Long Cove Club! Excellence in every respect and most welcoming Members." - 2023 Tournament Spectator



Gol f News

One of the interesting things we've been able to test and confirm with the new technology in "The Cove," is how many players are using clubs that are Rob St o cke , Di r e c t or o f Ins t ru c t i on

Congratulations to our 2023 Member-Member Champions!

How many shots could you improve with the proper equipment for your game? In many cases, players do not need to purchase new equipment, we can simply adjust their current equipment to see large gains instantly. Summer is great time to find the best set makeup for YOUR game! Whether it's driver, putter, wedges, irons or even finding the best ball for your game, we can help you improve without any or minimal swing adjustments! wrong for their game! We have the ability to test every club in your bag, and determine if you need a swing improvement, or a club adjustment. We recently had a player come in (Player A) who was struggling with their 3 wood off the fairway. This player was a 12 hdcp and had a club speed around 72 mph with their driver. After a simple test, we found that Player A hit a 5 wood with Further CARRY & ROLL than their 3 wood -- by almost 30 yard, while also hitting it more solid with a better dispersion! Player B arrived with the issue that several clubs seemed to be going the same distance. In our fitting process, we know that clubs should have a 5 mph ball speed increase between them. Since Player B's clubs only had 2-3 mph difference, we were able to eliminate some clubs and replace another with a hybrid/fairway wood to get the appropriate gaps. Player C came in with some serious putting woes! Not only was their distance control poor, but short putts worried them as well because they continually missed the hole on both sides. Fortunately, this was a very simple improvement which accounted for 6 strokes gained the next day! Player C had a putter that was entirely wrong for them, including length, toe hang, and alignment aids.

Eloise Mason & Marge Locker

Dave Onuscheck & Neal Ebert

Overall Champions: Eloise Mason & Marge Locker Overall Gross Winners: Karen Ferree & Sharon Son-Hing First Flight: 1: Ginny Cullen & Jo Kraft 2: Mary Ann Soldo & Amelia Howe Second Flight 1: Kim Wilson & Moira Alfieri 2: Diana McGlocklin & Becky Brabender Third Flight 1: Eloise Mason & Marge Locker 2: Tina Marie Brooks & Linda Urban Fourth Flight 1: Ellen Doiron & Debbie Vasquez 2: Margie Reimer & Julie Bone

Men's Results Ladies Results

Overall Champions: Dave Onuscheck & Neal Ebert First Flight:

1: Walt Cutshall & Jim Magruder 2: Bob Newcomer & Rob Ryan Second Flight 1: Bill Cunningham & Tom Jones 2: Geoff Lyon & Dave Wetmore Third Flight 1: Jeff Clark & Mark Hessinger 2: Barry Hentz & David Coyle Fourth Flight 1: John Brabender & Gary Woeste 2: Steve Josowitz & Joe Reimer Fifth Flight 1: David Burak & Randy Rose 2: David Kusiel & Don Beskin Sixth Flight 1: Rick Snyder & Ed Howe 2: Harry Morales & Joe Tarantino Seventh Flight 1: Neal Ebert & Dave Onuscheck 2: Jamie Vasquez & Michael Naftal Eighth Flight 1: Larry Son-Hing & Jeremy Willert 2: Jorge Esguerra & Lance Killoran

I invite you to visit us at The Cove and check your current equipment to see how we can help you play to your potential and reach your goals! Check out the Long Cove Club Virtual Tour. Now featuring "The Cove."

did you know, if your clubhead speed is below 70 mph, you can hit a 5 wood further than a 3 wood due to the loft of the club.

Share our new facility with your family and friends:


Gol f News

Congratulations to Sharon and Larry Son-Hing with partners Patty and Walter Jones on their victory in the 2023 Mixed Member Member! It was a close contest with the winning team edging out Amelia and Ed Howe with Paula and Rick Snyder in a scorecard playoff for the win as both teams shot a 15 under par 56! Finishing in third at 58 was Becky and John Brabender with Diana and Bill McGlocklin. Mixed Member-Member Results

Tuesday, July 4 | Flag Tournament September 21-23 | Men’s Invitational (Registration opens 8/2) S eptember 29-October 1 | Men’s & Ladies Club Championship October 5-7 | Mildred Wood Ladies Member Guest (Registration Opens 7/10) October 20-22 | Men's Senior Club Championship October 27-28 | Fall Member Member Upcoming Golf Events The range will be closed for aerification/maintenance, July 24-31. The practice greens will be closed for all three weeks during the course closure. The Cove will be open as normal by appointment only. 2023 Invitational Schedule Set Don't miss your opportunity to play in our biggest and most popular events of the year. The Men kick off invitational season with the annual Men's Invitational on September 21-23. Registration opens online on Wednesday, August 2 at 8am. This event will sell out quickly - don't wait to register. The Ladies Member-Guest will be played October 5-7. Throw on your beads and party like its Mardi Gras! Registration opens on Monday, July 10. Additional information about both of these events and registration details will be released in an upcoming LCC Weekly Update! As we have in previous years, we will be closing the golf course mid summer to complete necessary course maintenance tasks. We will close from Monday, July 17th through Monday, August 7th. This will enable us to do BOTH of our required greens aerifications as well as fairway aerification, verticutting and topdressing along with other needed course projects such as tree pruning to improve sunlight to shaded areas, palm tree pruning, cart path edging, etc. This will help us to provide better general course conditions overall for the remainder of the summer months. To accommodate member golf during the down time, we will have our previously mentioned summer reciprocal golf program in place as well as special rates at all Heritage Golf Course properties which includes Shipyard, Palmetto Hall, Oyster Reef and Port Royal. To take advantage of this, please contact the LCC Golf Shop to make the bookings. Golf Course Maintenance Closure: July 17-August 7 Golf Shop & Practice Area Schedule During Course Closure Driving Range Open July 17-23 August 1-6 Golf Shop Hours 9 am - 3 pm Daily Closed on Mondays

2022 Champions: Michael Naftal & Angelo Nyars and Becky Brabender & Sharon Aho

Summer Reciprocal Play Program Our summer reciprocal play program starts after Memorial Day and will continue through August allowing our members limited access to other local clubs and private courses. Participating clubs and all details are being finalized and will be released in an upcoming LCC Weekly Update. You may also check with the Golf Shop for more information. Summer Guest Fees Guest fees for guests accompanied by a Member will be $75, May 30 - August 31. Take advantage and bring your friends to Long Cove Club!

Flag Tournament | July 4 Advance your flag as far around the course as possible! There will be flights for men and ladies, and guests may participate in the game. Make your own pairings and times and sign up in the shop before play to get your flag for the competition. There is a club cookout following play but please note you must sign up separately for this to attend.


Gol f Ma i nt enance

Summer is on the horizon and for our warm season turfgrass hot weather cannot arrive soon enough. Yet again, we have experienced very high play levels on our golf course through the first third of 2023 and our non-overseeded fairways and rough conditions reflect the traffic that they have received. Fortunately, turf density is improving and I expect that the longer days and warmer temps will speed the mending process even more over the next few weeks. As players, you can help the process by noting the thinner areas and avoid driving through them. Since early January, our Poa trivialis overseeding on our greens has been fully established and we have enjoyed consistently smooth and quicker putting surfaces. While the establishment period of the winter turf on our putting surfaces does yield slower speeds for 6 – 8 weeks in November and December, the putting quality once established tends to be much better than non-overseeded greens. This is especially the case at golf courses that play in excess of 30,000 rounds. Non-overseeded Bermuda greens that experience high play levels during the winter months aren’t growing enough November through April to heal from traffic, ball marks, old cups, etc.

2023 Summer Interns Arrive

Kaden Cupp

Ca l eb J one s

Our summer interns have arrived. Kaden Cupp and Caleb Jones, both attending ABAC’s turf program, will start mid-May. As I have said many times before, our internship program is beneficial to the student by providing hands on practical experience and very beneficial to the employer by allowing us to train and evaluate these young aspiring golf course superintendents. The program has been very instrumental in providing top notch candidates for management positions in the Long Cove Club Golf Maintenance Department over the years. Brook Sentell (2004), Brad Young (2006), Dan Dayton (2007), Mike Heckman (2009), Mark Lewis (2014), Mike Douglas (2014), Jordan Feathers (2018), and Jesse Biddle (2019) all completed internships here and went on to become a vital part of the management staff. On staff currently are Mark Lewis and Jordan Feathers. Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone that our major aerations of tees, greens, and fairways will occur during the 3-week closure July 17 – August 7. The details of events that will be occurring during that timeframe will be relayed in future communications.

Ashley Davis, CGCS Golf Course Superintendent

Let’s all take steps to maintain our great golf course! It’s every members responsibility and only we can do it. Every time you play, make sure you are repairing your ball marks, ranking the bunkers, picking up broken tees, filling in divots, and practicing proper golf cart, push cart and practice area etiquette.


Remember i ng J im F erre e Long Cove Club Members, golf fans and friends mourned the loss of the beloved Jim Ferree who died at the age of 91 on March 14, 2023. Ferree was born in Pine Bluff, NC. He took up golf at a young age under the close instruction of his father and eventually went on to play golf at the University of North Carolina from 1951-1953. He had a successful college career, winning the Southern Conference Championship and NCAA long drive championship in 1953. He was a member of the Southern Conference 75th anniversary team that included Arnold Palmer, Mike Hulbert, Brad Faxon and E. Harvie Ward. Jim was later selected as the first player inducted into the University of North Carolina's Golf Hall of Fame in 1991.

After college, Jim served in the U.S. Army and was stationed at Fort Jackson, where among other duties, he served as the Fort’s golf range manager and golf team leader for his Regiment. Jim was considered such an asset for intramural military golf competitions that his commanding officers refused to allow him to see battle, something that Jim always felt guilty about, which sparked his life-long commitment to supporting, admiring and respecting America’s armed service women, men and veterans. Jim turned pro in 1955 following his service in the Army and proceeded to capture his first PGA victory at the 1958 Vancouver Open, which included a second-round, ten-under-par score of 61, and one shot victory over golf legend and longtime friend, Billy Casper (former Masters, PGA Championship, US Open, and British Open Champion). Jim’s PGA career was complemented by a success on the Latin America tour, winning events such as the 1961 Jamaica Open and 1962 Panama Open. Jim’s regular tour career concluded in 1966 when he became the head pro at Savannah Inn and Country Club in Savannah, Georgia, followed by his tenure at Westmoreland Country Club in Export, Pennsylvania. During his time in Pennsylvania, Jim started coaching formidable junior golfers, several of which went on to play NCAA Division 1 golf, as well as the LPGA and PGA tours, including well-known PGA Tour winner Rocco Mediate. He won several significant tournaments during his time in Pennsylvania, including two Tri-State Opens (1977/1983) and two Tri- State PGA Championships (1978/1981) which later earned Jim an induction into the Western Pennsylvania Golf Hall of Fame in 2019. Jim’s tour career found new life when he joined the Senior PGA (now Champions Tour) in the inaugural 1981 season, where he is often credited as being instrumental to the Tour’s launch. Jim eventually captured two victories on the Senior PGA Tour, the 1986 Greater Grand Rapids Open and the 1991 Bell Atlantic Classic. Thanks to his recognizable knickers, trademark hat, and signature swing, then PGA TOUR Commissioner Deane Beman chose Jim to be the model for the Senior Tour logo, providing Jim with his long-time joke that, “No matter how I play, I’m always at the top of the leaderboard.”

While on the Senior Tour, Jim became the first Director of Golf at Long Cove Club in 1981 and married his longtime friend and Long Cove golf pro Karen Shapiro. They welcomed their son, Randall “Randy” Purvis Ferree in 1987. Jim was instrumental in the early years of development of Long Cove Club including influencing Pete & Alice Dye to design our course. Jim Ferree's contribution to Long Cove Club goes way beyond the golf course. His character helped build the culture. He was a friend to everyone and he will be missed by all who had the good fortune of knowing him.

Jim Ferree with Karen, Randy and Jennings at Jim's 90th Birthday Celebration at LCC.


Reference: Purvis "Jim" Ferree, Jr. Obituary on

Sport s Cent er

Have you checked out the calendar at the Sports Center recently? If you have, then you might already know about the programs happening at the Sports Center, but if you have not, let me tell you about what we have going on in the upcoming months. Additional event details and sign-up information is available on ForeTees. Tom Ru t h , Spor t s Cen t e r Di r e c t or

Doubl es & Bubbl es Saturday, June 3

St ars vs . St r i pes Showdown Saturday, July 1 at 9:30 am A combined tennis and pickleball team

Attention Ladies! Join us for Doubles and Bubbles with a great morning of tennis or pickleball followed by a light lunch with some Prosecco and Champagne.

event. This fun social event will be followed by lunch and awards at the Clubhouse at 12:30 pm.

1 0 Po i n t Ti ebr e ak Tournamen t A fast paced shortened format of 10-point tiebreaks against other teams at your level. Saturday, August 19

Watch the LCC Weekly Update for summer/fall league play information for tri-level, mixed team tennis, women's interclub and 65 & over league. Le ague Pl ay Upda t e

Summe r Tenn i s Ti p Thomas Ri ch t e r , He ad Tenn i s Pro f ess i ona l During your social or competitive doubles matches, you will be faced with the decision to place your groundstroke or your volley to one of the two general target areas: crosscourt or down the line. While the crosscourt shot is your predominant shot in the tennis rally, the down the line shot from the baseline can be the difference maker in your game or the match in general. However, I frequently see this shot implemented the wrong way or at the wrong time, resulting in a lost point. To me, there is a simple strategy to taking the ball down the line: only do it if you can beat the net player that’s standing in the path of the down the line shot. While this sounds like a simple and straightforward task, there are a couple of key components that need to be considered for it to be successful. First, your own positioning is important; we have to be around the baseline or even inside the baseline to consider taking the shot down the line. This will give us a better chance to get the weight forward through the shot and put more pace on it as well as control the lob shot if we decide to go high over the net players head. Also, the more we are inside the baseline, the less time the net player will have to react towards our shot since the ball is traveling a shorter distance. This is why a court position a couple feet behind the baseline will most likely not yield a favorable result for the down the line ball. Second, we have to consider at what height we’re striking the ball. Waist high will be ideal, but anywhere above the knees to below the shoulders will be your promising strike zone for a good down the line shot. If the ball drops below the knees at contact, you will give yourself a bad angle to attack the highest part of the net if you decide to hit it hard, or it will be difficult to get underneath the ball to hit the lob; if the strike zone is above the shoulders, you will find it very difficult to generate power, which is needed to get a hard passing shot past the net player. This, however, might still work for the lob shot. Third, where is the net opponent actually positioned on the court? Are they standing very close to the net or are they hovering around the service line? This will be a crucial factor whether you should hit the ball hard and flat past them or whether you should go over their heads. The closer they are, the more likely you are to beat them with the lob; the further back they stand, the more beneficial the fast passing shot becomes. Finally, you have to consider whether you are hitting the down the line shot from your favorite groundstroke side: forehand vs. backhand. If you have a great backhand and feel very comfortable placing it, you should more likely try to execute the shot from the advantage side (for the right-handed player). While this could still work on the deuce side, the angle here is not as favorable for the backhand shot down the line (hitting from the inside of the court to the outside of the court). This is why the forehand down the line would work better on the deuce side instead. Give these key components a thought next time you are trying to mix it up by hitting it down the line.


Sa v e t he Da t e : 2023 Tenn i s Cl ub Champ i onsh i ps Mixed Doubles: September 25-30 | Doubles: October 30 - November 4

Sport s Cent er

Poo l Par t y | Apr i l 2023

Hurr i c ane Pr epar edness

The six month Atlantic Hurricane Season begins on June 1 and runs through November 30. We should all be prepared to take actions to lessen a storms impact including preparing your home and knowing your evacuation route. All Members should create a hurricane preparation kit which includes items to sustain you and your family for a minimum of 72 hours (a one or two week supply is event better). If you have a boat, PWC, kayak or paddleboard at the Marina, please review our hurricane rules and prepare now. In preparation for a hurricane, Long Cove Club must close all facilities 72-hours prior to landfall to prepare our property for the potential threat. Long Cove Club employees will not be available to assist Members in their home during an evacuation or recovery. We encourage you to review the South Carolina Hurricane Guide, which can be found on the Town of Hilton Head website.

Long Cove Cul tura l As soc i at i on The Long Cove Singers took a trip down memory lane reaching back to the 60's and 70's. The sold out crowd was up on their feet dancing during the spring concert. Thank you to Barbara Sorkin, Artistic Director and Conductor, for producing such a wonderful show and to all of the talent for a job well done. What a fun night!

A r e c ord i ng o f t he c on c e r t i s a v a i l abl e on Membe r Cen t ra l !

Long Cove Great Books Discussion Group

The Long Cove Great Books Discussion Group completed its first season on April 24th. Starting on January 9th, participants met for 90 minutes on Monday mornings at the big round table in the back of the Jim Ferree Bar to discuss 14 short stories from The Seven Deadly Sins, an anthology published by The Great Books Foundation. We have enjoyed getting to know each while exploring interesting, compelling stories on the topics of greed, gluttony, envy, sloth, lust, pride, and anger. The group will reconvene January 8, 2024, to begin its second 14-week session centered around the next anthology in the series, Even Deadlier, A Sequel. Participants, left to right: Julie Hopson, Linda Leventhal, Linda Palmiero, Diane Williams, Eileen Frankel, Donna Field, Jim Hopson, Les Janka, and Dale Matthews.

Ever hear a bird singing, spot it on a nearby tree branch, and wonder what it is? At 3 pm on Monday, May 22nd, Bob Speare with Wild Birds Unlimited will give an introductory talk on “The Birds Around Us”. Then, at 4 pm on Friday, May 26, we’ll meet at nearby location to look for birds together. For more information, or to sign up, call, text, or email: Ally Cook:, 603-759-6623. Bird Talk and Walk Now that we are in the heart of the “thunderstorm season” please be aware that our lightning detection system is in operation for your safety. A long, continuous blast of the alert horns indicates lightning in the area and dangerous conditions. Remember that the rules of the club require that “When the weather warning siren sounds, all players must leave the course, sports center, pool and Marina and seek appropriate shelter immediately”. Please note that this includes all practice areas as well. Only when the “all clear” signal of three short blasts of the horns occurs is it safe to resume outdoor activities. Please respect this rule and be patient during lightning delays. Lightening Alert Awareness


Long Cove Yacht Club

On Sunday, April 22, A group of Long Cove Club boat captains and their mates traveled to Beaufort to watch the air show presented by the Marine Core Air Station Base in Beaufort. The show featured military fighter jets, helicopters, stunt airplanes and the US Navy Blue Angels. Fishing with the Fleet

Boating to Beaufort Air Show

On Monday, April 24 a group of 15 Long Cove Club Anglers on three boats went Cobia fishing at the Betsy Ross Reef, 25 miles off shore. A fun day was had by all and lots of great fish, small and large were caught. Pictured (L to R): Keith Bush with a small Grouper; Ken Wareham caught three of these!; Wonderful tasting and great sport fish Cobia caught by Jeff Nechanicky.

June 12 | Cobia Offshore Fishing J une 26 | Boys and Girls Club Boat Outing June 29 | Salt Marsh Ecology Paddle @ 9:30pm July 3 | Fishing with Kids & Grandkids July 19 | New River Paddle @ 9:30am

August 31 | Factory Creek Paddle in Downtown Beaufort @ 9am September 25 | One-way Paddle from Beaufort to Sands Beach @ 3pm October 24 | Cuckolds Creek Paddle @1:30pm November 16 | Paddle/Tasting at Lady’s Island Oyster Farm @ 11:30am December 12 | Ebenezer Creek Paddle @ 10 am Join the Long Cove Yacht Club!

The LCYC is the largest social club within the Long Cove Club Community. It's open to all Long Cove Club Members, whether you are a boat owner or not. Activities are organized by the following committees: kayaking, biking, boating & fishing, social and travel. Dues are $50 for a family or $25 for a single. Email Lisa Bisgard for additional information:

On Friday, March 31 a fundraiser held at Parris Island, SC "The Legends Golf Course" saw 28 Long Cove members participate in a golf tournament that raised money to support United States Marines in need. Along with the tournament participants, there were over 50 other LCC members who contributed to this worthy cause. A big THANKS from all Marines to Long Cove Club members for their continuing support. Long Cove Members participate in Fundraiser to Help Marines in Need


Long Cove Fund

I am excited to chair the Long Cove Fund Charitable Advisory Committee (LCFCAC). We have 10 amazing and dedicated Committee Members and Roy Bowen, our past Chair and is now our Board Liaison. This is the 20th Anniversary of the inception of the Endowment Fund. And our goal this year is to grant over $2 million in this our 20th year! In this issue I want to share information about the Long Cove Fund and how we make a significant difference in our surrounding communities. Letter from Chair Sandy West



























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First, the Background: Long Cove Club Community Endowment Fund, Established August 2003

Mission: The Long Cove Club Community Endowment Fund, established by the residents provides an opportunity and resources for residents and supporters to meet charitable needs in the larger community through an annual grants process. Gifts into this endowment fund are split 50% into non-spendable and 50% into spendable. This was determined by the founding LCCCEF Board to support both immediate grantmaking programs while building the endowment for sustaining revenue to support current and future grantmaking programs. Long Cove Club Community Charitable Fund, Established September 2014 Mission: The mission of the Long Cove Club Community Charitable Fund is to encourage and support charitable giving by members of the Long Cove Club community and to provide grants in support of current needs in the areas of health, housing, hunger and education in Beaufort and Jasper Counties, and the surrounding areas. This fund was established to provide an option for donors with an interest in designating their entire gift to be used in support of immediate grantmaking programs. Having both funds allow options to members to support their giving desires whether that is to support current or future efforts, or both. We are proud that Long Cove Club was the first private community to establish a fund. Today many private communities have similar funds, some modeled after ours. The first grant was awarded in 2003 to the Hilton Head Regional Habitat for Humanity for $5,000. To put that in perspective last year we awarded $290,300 to 45 non-profits. Incredible progress! So, hopefully this has provided a solid understanding of the Long Cove Funds and why they are so important.

It is the fundraising element coupled with the generosity of our members that fuels this “giving engine”. The upcoming Spring Fundraiser – Fundays - Co-Chaired by Dan & Elaine Lesnak and Roy Bowen and Karen Hoppe raises significant money that will be distributed to non- profits later this year. Special thanks to our co-chairs, volunteers and the many members who have signed up to participate in Fundays. This event is always sold out, so it is clearly popular! It is great to have fun with neighbors AND DO GOOD by raising critical money for our local non-profits.

Sandy West, Chair Roy Bowen, Board Liaison Jill Clark, 1st Secretary Mickey Graham, 2nd Secretary Bob Heden, Annual Appeal Patricia Leader, Grants Bill Sheridan, Communications Cindy Maloy Les Janka Elaine Lesnak Tina Brooks Elaine Shayne Long Cove Fund Charitable Advisory Committee


Long Cove Fund

A great and very popular part of Fundays is a raffle to win a full year of Long Cove Club dues. You do not have to register for any Fundays activities to participate in this raffle to win. Raffle tickets are $100 for 1 ticket, $250 for 3 tickets and $500 for 10 tickets. You can purchase raffle tickets by using the link available under the Long Cove Fundays section on Member Central or e-mailing your request to I deeply appreciate the generosity of our membership and look forward to celebrating our 20th year AND with your support achieving our goal of awarding over $2 million dollars since our inception. Cheers to 20 years! Sandy West and the 2023 Long Cove Fund Charitable Advisory Committee

2023 Grant Process

Long Cove Fund History Lesson

The Long Cove Fund is pleased to announce we received 53 Grant Applications as March 31, 2023. Now the work begins as the LCF committee divides into teams to review each grant application and determine if it falls into one of our four pillars, Health, Housing, Hunger and Education, and is a 501(c)3 in good standing. Following the initial application review, each grant applicant is visited by a team from the LCF committee to review the application in person and to visit their facilities. Upon the conclusion of all visits, each team makes recommendations as to whether a grant applicant should be approved for funding, and if so, how much funding should be provided. The number of grant applications and the amount requested generally exceeds the Fund's ability to fully fund. Last year we funded 45 of 50 submitted applications for a total of $290,300. Our funds come from our very successful annual appeal this year 2022-2023 lead by Bob Heden. Additional funds also come from “in memory & in honor” of members and also from various member groups. Our upcoming Funday’s, May 18-21 will be a major source of our funding. We thank all of our Long Cove Club neighbors for their incredible generosity and their continued support for making our overall community a better place to live.

by Bill Sheridan, Communi cat ions Chair

The Long Cove Community Endowment Fund was created in 2003 with seeded surpluses from the USGA Women’s Mid AM Championship. Marianne Krall, one of the original members of the Advisory Committee, and her late husband George believed that our Community had so much to offer. They are one of the couples that saw a need for the whole community, not just Long Cove Club, and they made it materialize. One of the first grants was given to Alzheimer’s Respite and Resources, now called Memory Matters. Edwina Hoyle, the first director of Memory Matters said, “Memory Matters brings light, support and advocacy to families navigating the journey of dementia. Memory Matters has been blessed with Long Cove funds to create our Brain Boosters program, provide scholarships to families, offer counseling to caregivers, and much more. Memory Matters has always cherished the partnership and funding we have benefited from the past two decades.” As a community we are proud to carry on the tradition of offering our funds and talents to benefit numerous charities as we are so blessed to live in such a GREAT community. It is important that we keep evolving and moving forward without forgetting our past. Thank you to all that help participate in the Long Cove Funds.

Online Auc t ion and Raffle

All members are welcome to participate in the Fundays online auction and raffle! Now is your chance to get some fantastic items at great prices or have a chance to win a year's worth of LCC dues. All proceeds go to the Long Cove Fund. Don't miss out – place your bid now! The auction closes on Sunday, May 21 at 1 pm.

Visi t Member Central to Access Online Auc t ion and Raffle .


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