SGF18 Manual

SECURITY Whilst the organisers take all security and safety precautions, no responsibility can be assumed for any loss or damage to goods. Safety and security of equipment and individuals on a stand is the responsibility of the exhibitor. The organiser shall be under no liability for any loss or damage to any property of the exhibitor or any other person, whether or not caused in whole or in part by any act or omission of the organiser, its servants, agents or contractors. The exhibitor is advised to take out all necessary insurance cover. We therefore ask for your cooperation in adhering to the few rules we set down to make the exhibition a safe and enjoyable experience for all concerned. Security guards will be onsite from day one of build up. During opening hours we have security guards patrolling the site but we stress the importance of having your stand staffed at all times. The staff on your stand must wear their exhibitor badges to identify themselves to show visitors and to the security staff. Banners or Signage must be a minimum of 1m within your stand boundaries. Please contact XPO Operations Manager, Nick Batty on 021 976 830 or email for prior approval STAND CLEANING XPO Exhibitions has contracted cleaners who will vacuum your stand every night during show days as well as after build up (floors will be vacuumed on the last night of build up ready for show open). If you do not require this service please contact Nick Batty on 021 976 830. Please note that if you have ordered special flooring that requires a wipe down, you will need to arrange for the floor supplier or your staff to do this. STORAGE There is limited storage available at the venue for non-valuable packaging materials only. Please see a hall supervisor for further information. Note: if you do have lots of stock to store you might want to consider incorporating a lockable storage area into your stand design or consider hiring a container. If you do intend on bringing a container please obtain approval prior to ordering from XPO Operations Manager, Nick Batty TEST AND TAG It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that ALL power leads and cords are tested and tagged by a registered electrician before you bring them onsite. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLAN Please take note of parking and traffic procedures for the show. The Traffic Management plan is designed so that the Build Up and Breakdown process is smooth for everyone. Please take note of which gates are entry and exit gates and ensure that all staff are aware of this procedure. Please note: there is to be no parking at the back of the venue. Security will be patrolling the area and asking those who have moved their stock to park into the Exhibitor Car Parking in the arena. Any onsite questions regarding the Traffic Management Plan please contact XPO Operations Manager, Nick Batty on 021 976 830. Trolleys We have some flat-deck and hand trolleys available for exhibitor use during build-up and break-down. As the number of exhibitors far out-numbers our trolleys, we recommend bringing your own. Trolleys will be kept in the main foyer near the Information Desk when they are not in use by other exhibitors.

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