Saint Francis Service Dogs Spring Summer 2019

Cabell’s Column Graduation Thoughts

With the increasing sophistication of Artificial Intelligence, there are some philosophers that now question whether Descartes is still right that logical thought is what separates humanity from everything else. I won’t pretend to know about that. But there is another sentence – this one with a religious provenance: “I love, therefore I am.” Especially at Graduation, this is the sentence that resonates for me. Our Puppy Raisers and Trainers fill our dogs with their love and pass them on into the lives of our partners. Our Donors and Supporters make selfless sacrifices to help other people that they do not even know. Our Volunteers give their time and attention to all aspects of Saint Francis, from puppy sitting, dog walking, and grooming to office work and grounds maintenance. To me, these are all acts of love. commitment to our mission and to everyone that gave in every way humanly possible to make Graduation a reality for the people that so deserve it. I am honored to be surrounded with people that define generosity in every way. I am no philosopher, but I know humanity when I see it. It’s right here. I am deeply grateful to our Puppy Raisers for their tremendous

T his issue is dedicated to Saint Francis Graduation. It is a joy to see the culmination of the hard work leading up to the Big Day. In these pages you will see the proud teams that are starting out on a life together that promises to be full of new opportunities, laughter, and moments of magic. Whenever I think of Graduation, it never takes long for my thoughts to stray to Puppy Raisers. There is a saying in the service dog world: “In every service dog beats the heart of a puppy raiser.” It’s true. Whether a volunteer taking a puppy into their home or an inmate that takes a puppy into their cell, all Puppy Raisers commit their time, their energy, and most importantly, their heart. Imagine. Their goal is to give up this special dog in service to someone else. Let that sink in. In 1637, Descartes wrote the famous words: “I think, therefore I am.” This simple sentence became the basis of much of Western philosophy.

Thank you to all our faithful supporters.

by Cabell Youell Executive Director


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