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One of Charles E. Smith Life Communities’ core values is Limud , reflecting our commitment to growth and learning, and is practiced by team members across our campus every day. Paul Smith is a cook at the Hebrew Home and has been a CESLC team member since 1988. Paul starts at 5:30 a.m. preparing breakfast for residents and his day continues with lunch and food preparation for the next day. He considers it his responsibility to share what he’s learned with the other team members in the kitchen. “When I came

Bruce J. Lederman

here, Jewish colleagues taught me everything I needed to know about Jewish food and kosher guidelines; now I am the one who makes sure that we continue to share that knowledge.” Mentoring others and sharing our values and expertise are what make our community a place where people want to come to work and stay. This year, we started a pilot mentorship program that will help new members on the nursing team learn and improve their skills by developing new relationships with veteran team members. Programs like this contribute to a culture where everyone is aligned toward the same results. Rodney Matheson, Organizational Development Manager, is one of the mentors who participates in the program. “I want new employees to know that there is one more person who can help them transition into their new position. A Hebrew Home key result is to support the relationship between the new team member and their clinical team leader.” And ultimately the relationships nurtured among these individuals will impact the experiences of those we serve as they receive care from our nursing team. Limud occurs when existing team members share the values, knowledge, and skills with the newest generation to meet and exceed the expectations of our residents and family members. It is talented and motivated people like Paul—who knows that making a matzo ball by hand makes a difference—who will continue to make CESLC the provider of choice for our community.

Bruce J. Lederman, JD President/CEO, Charles E. Smith Life Communities

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